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(VP Bloody Idiots SMC)
1100 V-Star Classic
Points: 76,288
Friends: 153
Joined: 9 years ago
Last seen: 5 days ago

Name: Marek...Age: 50+ something...Nationality: Swedish, Polish, Canadian and Australian (LOL) ..
Living in: Sweden... 

Arrested: four years ago...

Accusation: Being Continually ... more

Questions and Answers about yourself: 

Personal motto: The Bloodiots rule!!!

Occupation: Ex - teacher

College: Expelled from several

High school: Expelled from several

Best attribute:

I´m awesome...

Worst attribute: I think I´m awesome...

Favorite bands and musicians: Ohh... It´s so many...

Today: The Fleshquartet

Favorite movies: One Flew over The Cuckoos Nest - no.1 all time!

Apocalypse Now

The Godfather

Deer Hunter

Star Wars

and many, many more....

Favorite books, magazines, and writers: "Catch 22" - Josef Heller no.1 all times!

Favorite blogs and websites: CCC

Favorite places: Winding narrow country roads while riding my bike
with music in my ears...

Status: Married

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

February 13th
I want to meet local members: 
Short Rides < 100 miles/160km
Medium Rides 100-200miles/160/320km
Small Group Rides
Larger Group Rides
I can take a passenger