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1100 V-Star Classic
Points: 5,515
Friends: 44
Pearcedale Victoria 3912
Joined: 6 years ago
Last seen: 5 years ago

I'm a 56yr old married bloke, with three adult son's & two wonderfull grandkids!!! I suffered a work injury in'96, so I am "retired" now, and I hate it. I ride a 2005 Yamaha Vstar 1100 Classic, ... more

Questions and Answers about yourself: 

Personal motto:
Keep smiling, treat every day as if it may be your last, and enjoy it to the HILT, LOLOL


High school:
Driffield Secondary

ICQ number:

Interest and hobbies:
Woodwork, (simple Stuff) reading,cooking, walking, & cleaning my bike!!

I would like to meet:
Claudia Karvan, Francis Rossi, Clint Eastwood, Wayne Gardener,Kate Bush

Best attribute:
Always ready to help a mate, and enjoy a good laugh

Worst attribute:
I don't suffer fools gladly

Favorite bands and musicians:
Kate Bush, Status Quo, Shania Twain, Dean Martin, other than that, just about anything from the 50's, 60's & 70's

Favorite movies:
blimey, erm, Western's, the Lethal Weapon series, Star wars, Back to The Future, the 1st Mad Max, Bond,.....

Favorite TV shows:
lol, all the old sit com's, Happy Days, Gilligans Island, etc, nothing comes close these days, apart from Friends.History Channel, Discovery Channel, and any wildlife doco made by David Attenborough.

Favorite books, magazines, and writers:
Used and Classic Bike, Australian Road Rider, Australian Cruiser & Trike, Thrillers, Sci Fi, Fantasy, ie; Robert Jordan, Wheel Of Time,

Favorite blogs and websites:
I don't know what a "blog" is, as for websites, well,... this one!! facebook, anything diy, I've been checking ones for plans to build my own solar panels & found the a good one.

Favorite games, sports, and teams:
My favourite team is Hawthorn, in the AFL.

Favorite places:

Favorite artists:
I like to see good paintings, but I hate so called modern art, I think it's done by lazy people with no talent, children at kinder can do exactly the same work, but they don't get paid for it.

Favorite stuff:
My family, my dog, and my bike.

Scary stuff:
Snakes, I hate them!!!

My Pet:
Ollie, a nine month old chocolate lab


Looking for:
Friends, and people to ride with occaissionally


pommy australian.

Body Type:
Average, going downhill

Zodiac sign:

High school

less than $30,000

July 6th, 1956