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Glenn Zetterquist
Points: 2,187
Friends: 9
United States
Joined: 4 years ago
Last seen: 1 day ago

I have worked in the motorcycle industry my entire career. I started in the retail end at one of the areas largest parts and accessories retailers. After graduating from college, I went to work for ... more

Questions and Answers about yourself: 

Occupation: Product Specialist

Company: Cruiser Customizing

College: San Jose State University

High school: Cupertino High School

Interest and hobbies: Motocross, Off-Road Riding, Vintage Motocross, Vintage Trials, Touring and Sport Riding

Favorite movies: On any Sunday, Winner's Take All, Pray for the Wildcats, The Wild One, Big Haus Little Falsey and Fresno Smooth

Favorite places: Mammoth Mountain California

Ethnicity: No answer