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Rod Pimentel
2000 Vulcan
Points: 1,239
Friends: 1
United States
Joined: 16 years ago
Last seen: 3 years ago

Huge cruiser enthusiast.  Been  riding since age 15.  Love anything motrocycle. Have owned Hondas and Kawi's.  Currently own a 2000 Nomad Fi and just picked up a Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 (2053 cc) that ... more

Questions and Answers about yourself: 

Personal motto: There's no replacement for displacement !

Occupation: Telecom

Company: AT&T

College: University of New Mexico

High school: Gadsden

Website URL:

Yahoo! username: aminutz

Interest and hobbies: Motorcycling....what can I say.

Favorite books, magazines, and writers: "Gates of Fire"
V-Twin Magazine
Kurt Vonnegut

Favorite blogs and websites:

Favorite places: San Diego
Sydney Australia
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Favorite artists: Classic Rock

Favorite stuff: Cruisers

Status: Married

Ethnicity: Latino/Hispanic

Education: Graduate/Professional school

October 22nd, 1975