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2010, Black
M109R Boulevard
Points: 26,650
Friends: 221
Birdwood SA 5234
Joined: 10 years ago
Last seen: 2 months ago

My Name is Adrian and I have been called a lot of names, most of which I wont use on this site. The most common being Beachy or AJ. I have always been around, owned and ridden bikes. I cut my teeth ... more

Questions and Answers about yourself: 

Personal motto: Life is too short to be without a bike

I consider myself a bit of an amateur blacksmith and spend the times I'm not riding or spending time with my lady, out in the man cave beating the daylights out of some molten steel.

Occupation:  Automotive systems lecturer,Technical Writer, Mechanic.

Company: TAFESA

Google talk username: beacham69 at

My Pet: Which one? two wheeled or animal

Status:  married to  AnnieO

Looking for: like minded people who are born with motorcycles in their blood

Religion: No religion and dont try to save me.

Ethnicity: White/Caucasian

Body Type: Athletic - Once!

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Education: Graduate/Professional school

Income: Never enough

Bikes in the Stable
M109R Suzuki Boulevarde, XV750 (1981) undergoing a custom job, VStar 650 (Annie's) and VStar 1100 classics, XS 650 (the next project bike) Honda 125 Ag bike.

Past Machines GN250 Suzuki, BSA Bantam, CB750 K1, CB750F1, XVS650A, Honda A100, Suzuki 175 Trail, Harley 886 sporty and the minibike my Grand Pa made for us, and a few others

February 6th, 1961
I want to meet local members: 
Short Rides < 100 miles/160km
Medium Rides 100-200miles/160/320km
Long Rides > 200miles/320km
Small Group Rides
Larger Group Rides
I can take a passenger