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Greg "SFFS"
2011 Root Beer
Electra Glide Ultra Limited FLHTK
Points: 17,501
Friends: 109
Amarillo, TX 79103
United States
Joined: 6 years ago
Last seen: 3 years ago

I'm married and a proud father of 5 and proud grandfather of 3. Marine living in the great state of Texas. I enjoy spending time with my family and taking the wife for a ride and letting the wind blow ... more

Questions and Answers about yourself: 

Employment- Sheep Dog


Religion- Christian

Anything else just ask and see!

April 18th
I want to meet local members: 
Short Rides < 100 miles/160km
Medium Rides 100-200miles/160/320km
Long Rides > 200miles/320km
Small Group Rides
Larger Group Rides