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Chip Miller
1100 V-Star Silverado
Points: 400
Friends: 0
Raleigh, NC 27587
United States
Joined: 9 years ago
Last seen: 3 years ago

I've been riding since ... lets just say before you needed a M/C endorsement. I currently ride a 2006 V-Star 1100 Silverado.

I ride with NC Red Knights Chapter 12.  I am a retired firefighter ... more

Questions and Answers about yourself: 

Personal motto: Growing OLD is mandatory; growing UP is optional CoolOccupation: Retired. Well workin' part time to get out of my wife's hair.

College: University of Maryland

Status: Married

July 6th
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Short Rides < 100 miles/160km
Medium Rides 100-200miles/160/320km
Small Group Rides