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2008 redd
1900 Raider
Points: 882
Friends: 3
Palestine, TX 75801
United States
Joined: 9 years ago
Last seen: 3 years ago

I'm married 48 yrs. old. my wife and i love to ride. We are both strongly committed to the LORD and to whatever work that he may have for us to do. Jesus said, He that is forgiven much, loveth much.....I ... more

Questions and Answers about yourself: 

Occupation: Build Oilfield Equipment

Company: G&G Equipment

College: TSTI Waco, Tx.

Interest and hobbies: Prison Ministry, Ridin my redd Raider

I would like to meet: Others In my area that think about more than just themselves.

Best attribute: I Got SAVED

Worst attribute: Was'nt always saved

Favorite places: Shady, winding country roads with my V-Star and thursday nights in the prison.

Religion: Christian

I want to meet local members: 
Short Rides < 100 miles/160km
Medium Rides 100-200miles/160/320km
Long Rides > 200miles/320km
Small Group Rides