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2002 Dark Cherry
1800 VTX1800R (Retro)
Points: 4,981
Friends: 36
Baldwin Park, CA 91706
United States
Joined: 11 years ago
Last seen: 2 years ago

Old, retired but still love riding!!
Been riding for over 60 years!
All over the western United States.

Questions and Answers about yourself: 

I guess I'm addicted to riding, I was going to give it up a few years ago and even gave my Valk to my son-in-law then spotted the VTX on line and changed my mind. So now I'm going to ride until I can't hold it up any more, then I might make a trike out of it. My first bike was an Ariel 500 Red Hunter, and I've owned a 1980 CB750, 1983 Goldwing 1100, Several Honda shadows of different sizes, a Harley 1200 Sportie a 1999 Valk 1530 and now a 2002 Honda VTX 1800. There also was an Intruder 1400 in there somewhere. 
Still having fun and enjoying it as much or more that I did when I started and ride every chance I get.

January 14th