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Benton & Scout
1300 Royal Star Tourer Deluxe
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Huson, MT 59846
United States
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Born in Idaho Falls Idaho and raised in Western Montana. Attended Rattlesnake grade school in Missoula Montana for the first 3 years and then we moved west of town and I attended Frenchtown schools ... more

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My first bike was a Honda 150 but as I was working on the engine my buddies grandfather took the frame to the dump. I still have the engine out in the wood shed and the gasket set for it. I then got a Yamaha 305 which I had in high school from the same friend. After high school I bought a 1978 Honda 750 four with a Windjammer fairing new once I had a job and had moved out of Mom and Dad's place. I traded that in on a new 1982 Yamaha 920 Virago which I rode to Sturgis that year. In 1984 I took the Virago and my bride on the honeymoon into Canada. Best trip ever. We are still married and life is good. As the years went by and we moved all over the country the Virago was stolen in Alabama and with 4 kids by then I never got around to getting a running bike again until last Saturday, 4-7-2012. I bought a 1996 Yamaha Royal Star 1300. I do not even have it home yet. The tires needed changed real bad so it went straight to the shop for new rubber. Someday they will call and say it is ready to go. I hope to ride it to work daily, 25 miles one way on the I-90, as well as weekend and evening fun runs. It has been a long time and I am excited to get back on the road. I have had a Yamaha YZ400 for running the dirt before I got married but I was never very good at that high speed dirt flying thing. Road riding in the upright and relaxed position is more my style.

September 25th, 1958
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