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650 V-Star Silverado
Points: 971
Friends: 1
Wood River, IL 62095
United States
Joined: 7 years ago
Last seen: 4 years ago

I'm 56 years old & hadn't rode a bike in 30 years. Shoot, I never rode a street bike at all! I was looking for a bike for my younger brother when I saw an ad for this bike. I went to look at it ... more

Questions and Answers about yourself: 

Personal motto: Be the ball!

Occupation: towboat pilot

Company: Marquette Transportation

Interest and hobbies: My bike & computers

Favorite bands and musicians: Pink Floyd, Eagles

Favorite movies: S.O.B., Jason Bourne Series

Favorite games, sports, and teams: Hockey, Football & Baseball (In that order)

May 7th, 1955