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Gaye Harding
650 V-Star Classic
Points: 416
Friends: 1
Cairns 4870
Joined: 8 years ago
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My name is Gaye and I'm originally from NZ, currently living in Cairns Australia. I'm was born in the early 70's but think the 80s were my era. Great times - horrendous hair styles but oh what fun those ... more

Questions and Answers about yourself: 

Personal motto:
Never stop dreaming

Administration Officer



High school:
Manurewa High - New Zealand

Interest and hobbies:
My bike (Vstar 650), reading (fantasy, forensics), baking, travel (if I had money).

I would like to meet:
I can't think of anyone I'd really like to meet and I'm not sure what I'd say to the people I'd like to meet other than "Hello - nice to meet you".
Or maybe the HR person from Google, then I can add 'do you have any jobs going...."That's if the email going around about their workplace is true.

Best attribute:
Beyond caring about my worst attributes. If I'm being honest though - I like my hair the best. It's very long, silky soft and all natural (never been coloured) it's a light reddish (some may say strawberry blond - I don't). The colour depends on the season.
I can be outgoing, loud and adventurous if the company is suitable.

Worst attribute:
Self conscious, overweight etc, etc...

Favorite bands and musicians:
Def Leppard.
My music tastes are wide and varied depending on my mood. (Bon Jovi, Guns'n'Roses, Meatloaf, ZZtop, Whitesnake, Cher, Eagles, Beach Boys, Enya, Classical, Shania Twain, Kenny Rogers...)just a few. Strange I can't think of fav current bands/musicians just at the moment.

Favorite movies:
Star Wars (the originals), Pirates of the Caribbean, Almost everything by Pixar.

Favorite TV shows:
Stargate SG1, NCIS, Supernatural, Bones, Doctor Who, Top Gear, SG Universe & SG Atlantis.

Favorite books, magazines, and writers:
Stephen King, Dragons of Pern series (Anne McCaffrey), Jack Reacher series (Lee Child), Tess Gerristen,

Favorite blogs and websites:
None - I'm not online that much anymore.

Favorite games, sports, and teams:
I'm not really a sporty person but would love to find the energy to get back into some stuff.
On a recent holiday I tried Line-Dancing and that was a blast.
I've tried abseiling and loved that, even though my heart was going triple time. On a brief trip to Alaska I tried Ziplining (that was cool).I'd love to learn to kayak.

Favorite places:
Canada - (BC, Alberta, Alaska, Victoria Is). I haven't been else where in Canada - yet. In the US, I'd love to get to Montana area, yellowstone - almost anywhere outside of cities. NZ - South Island. Southern France was quite nice too. I'd love to be on a bike next time though.

Favorite stuff:
Chocolate and money.
One I have too much of and the other - not enough Smiley-laughing

Scary stuff:
The idiot car,truck and bike riders who follow too closely on the ranges (out of Cairns).


Looking for:
Just looking around

Zodiac sign:

May 12th, 1973