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2002 Midnight
1600/1700 Road Star
Points: 636
Friends: 6
Altura, MN 55910
United States
Joined: 10 years ago
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I've been a biker since I can remember! First rode a Fat Boy at age 13 and have never looked back. Didn't get my first bike (that I owned!) untill I was in my thirties! What a wait! Now I ride every ... more

Questions and Answers about yourself: 

Business Owner

Pure Rock International

St Scholastica

High school:

Website URL:

Interest and hobbies:
Music. Making it and listening to it...Oh, and do I have to mention bikes?!

Best attribute:
My Bike.

Worst attribute:
My Bike.

Favorite bands and musicians:
Too many to mention. I LOVE music (from classical to thrash and everything in between!). If it's good, I'll like it! (best metal site around) (best big band site around)

Favorite movies:
Depends. I like sci-fi (especially medieval based such as "The three Musketeers"). Generally I like happy endings.

Favorite TV shows:
Really liking Fringe right now, but I get into Alias, Roar, Firefly, House, Weeds, etc...Depends on the day!

Favorite books, magazines, and writers:
Tolkien, Asimov, Eddings, Patterson. The modern Classics (such as the Borne series) and real classics (such as Mark Twain)

Favorite blogs and websites:

Favorite games, sports, and teams:
My kids are doing the sports thing right now, so whatever team and sport they happen to be in!

Favorite places:
Loved Vegas! Loved Disney World. Would like to visit Scotland...

Favorite artists:
Ruth Thompson. Any of the classics. Not a big fan of Modern art (cubism, abstracted, etc)

Favorite stuff:
My Bike,my home theater, my movie, and my CD collection

My Pet:
Snoopy (rottweilerr/sheppard), Tic-tac (Tabby cat), and Lastat (Siamese cat)


Looking for:
Friends, Networking, Activity partners

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Body Type:
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Zodiac sign:

College graduate

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