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1800 VTX1800F
Points: 2,284
Friends: 22
Cave Creek, AZ
United States
Joined: 8 years ago
Last seen: 1 year ago

July 2016, BIGGEST ride yet, Cave Creek, AZ to Crescent City, CA. 2707 miles total. First time riding CA highway SPLIT LANE, scary as h e double hockey sticks! I don't know how CA riders get use to ... more

Questions and Answers about yourself: 


College: Washington State University

High school: Centralia Senior High

Yahoo! username:

Interest and hobbies: My family, my house/yard, travel, football, baseball and riding!

I would like to meet: Ken Griffey Jr and anyone who has spent their lives cusomizing street bikes.

Best attribute: I'm a hard worker

Worst attribute: My attitude isn't always sunny.

Favorite bands and musicians: Sound Garden amongst many others, too many to count Smiley-wink

Favorite movies:

Favorite TV shows:

Favorite books, magazines, and writers: Any street motorcycle mag...

Favorite games, sports, and teams: Baseball


Religion: Christian


Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Education: College graduate

I want to meet local members: 
Long Rides > 200miles/320km