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750 Shadow ACE
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Houston, TX 77071
United States
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This is Annie ACE. I've made some mods...she's looking great!Items diff from stock:

Brand Item Brand Item
&nbsp Lindby &nbsp
Exhaust highway bars
Kuryakun Isogrips + stiletto endcaps Show Chrome &nbsp
rear pegs neck
front pegs choke knob
convex mirrors ignition cover
BackOff &nbsp carb cover
dual LED license plate petcock switch
National Cycle &nbsp petcock cover
windscreen front brake reservoir cover
Mustang &nbsp triple tree bolt cover
wide vintage seat light visors
Electropods &nbsp lower rear frame and swing arm billeted accents
blue LED accents battery covers
Tireflys &nbsp radiator grill
blue pulsing lights light visors
StreetGlo &nbsp horn cover
blue reflective tape oil filler cap

I added a bright red LED brake light and detailing trim around the tank and tins.I removed the Leatherlykes saddle bags, passenger seat, and sissybar.Now I can once again use the helmet lock. I've installed theKuryakun handgrips and stiletto ends and OMG are they sexy!!!If you decide to add these grips, search online for the video of it.The video makes it look like a piece of cake...and it was.