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Honda Shadow Sabre VT1100C2 Discussion Forum

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Fuel gauge tachometer all-in-one unit
Got a  2004 Honda shadow sabre bought a 2 in 1 fuel gauge and tachometer. Its digital. The problem...
by BillHarmon   

That's what you have to look out for on the eBay made in china sites (not that there's anything...
3 days ago
Saddlemen profiler seat
Just ordered a saddlemen profiler for my 1100 Sabre. Wondering if these seats lower the profile any...
by rickphelps   

I just checked out the site Edwin...nice seat...would look great on my v star !
1 week ago
I am wanting to add good quality hard saddlebags to my bike. Any suggestions? Has anyone used...
by lhouser   

I put Viking bags on my 1100shadow Spirit, and was very happy with the quality of the bags, and the...
1 month ago
Bike shut off while riding. Now no start no crank
Sorry if this turns into a lengthy post. I'm by no means a electrical genius but I'll post what I...
by TravisMcClung   

So a buddy of mine helped me out. Stator and regulator are fine. My ignition control module went...
3 weeks ago
Engine won’t crank
I have a 2006 Honda shadow Sabre and when I try to start it it cranks maybe 1 revolution and seems...
by Burtnboo   

4 Burtnboo I will do that and let you know the results
2 months ago
lowering bike
Can you lower a 05 1100 Honda Sabre by using shorter rear shocks and if so what bike would the...
by RobertBagwell1   

Thanks for the info .
5 months ago
Hello from York, PA
Hi everyone! I have a 2004 1100 Shadow Sabre. I've been doing lots of reading, but also finding...
by JoshD   

welcome from Eastern Washington State, Sabre is a great bike, got two of them, an 05,and 06
9 months ago
sabre 1100 cooling fan
the fan comes on what i consider too often while riding. the bike has 15,000 miles and no other...
by davidhunt   

6 davidhunt Will do. Thanks again
10 months ago
Fuse problems
Hey have a 2004 Honda shadow sabre when I come to a stop the bike dies and blows the ignition fuse...
by Morgan2   

Ignition system has a short. Check connections at ignition modual, coils, and ignition switch, and...
11 months ago
Getting back on a Sabre !!
Well, been about ten years, but Im ready to get back to the 1100  !!!! Could ask a little help on a...
by Mongo02   

Edwins Andhttp...
1 year ago