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Honda Shadow Sabre VT1100C2 Discussion Forum

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lowering bike
Can you lower a 05 1100 Honda Sabre by using shorter rear shocks and if so what bike would the...
by RobertBagwell1   

Thanks for the info .
2 months ago
Hello from York, PA
Hi everyone! I have a 2004 1100 Shadow Sabre. I've been doing lots of reading, but also finding...
by JoshD   

welcome from Eastern Washington State, Sabre is a great bike, got two of them, an 05,and 06
6 months ago
sabre 1100 cooling fan
the fan comes on what i consider too often while riding. the bike has 15,000 miles and no other...
by davidhunt   

6 davidhunt Will do. Thanks again
7 months ago
Fuse problems
Hey have a 2004 Honda shadow sabre when I come to a stop the bike dies and blows the ignition fuse...
by Morgan2   

Ignition system has a short. Check connections at ignition modual, coils, and ignition switch, and...
8 months ago
Getting back on a Sabre !!
Well, been about ten years, but Im ready to get back to the 1100  !!!! Could ask a little help on a...
by Mongo02   

Edwins Andhttp...
9 months ago
Hello I have a 2005 Sabre and I need to replace my headlight. I have a hard time seeing at night...
by Wesley1   

Lux vs lumens. Real world testing.
10 months ago
signal lighs not working
im a new member here i bought a 1998 1100 shadow sabre  the marker lights are on but when i put my...
by alchipper   

Glad it's fixed
10 months ago
Carbs are full of varnish
G outot an 04 VT1100c2 that had been sitting in a garage for ? number of years, stored with fuel in...
by mjr945   

Listen to Edwins... don't soak the carbs in any thing with sodium hydroxide it makes the aluminum...
10 months ago
2001 honda shadow sabre 1100 brake caliper issues
to whom who can help me, i have no idea whats going on  brakes and calipers are very simple.  But...
by Ace112   

Ben is close to what I was going to suggest. If you inadvertently put a washer in the wrong spot,...
1 year ago
bring back the dead
I just got a 2001 Honda vt1100c2 Sabre that has been sitting for 3 years. No keys, Rust issues, and...
by newguy60   

Change the oil, charge the battery if it doesn't start. Weak battery? change. If it run poorly...
1 year ago