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VL 1500 LC Intruder Discussion Forum

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Inaccurate milage reading
I have a 98 Intruder, lately when I turn on the bike the odometer comes up goose eggs. If I turn it...
by Ajm5150   

There aren't any of them around here. I had to send my 57 Olds speedo to New Jersey only 200 to get...
1 week ago
Will not shut off
This is my first posting here since I just joined. I've looked a little bit but can't find any...
by JosephDuggan   

It's worth a try thanks.
1 month ago
Starter Solenoid
Just had the 3rd starter solenoind replace on my motocylce. Its out again ! All it does is click at...
by trelblazr   

Valerie is right on it. The starter relay is controlled by the digital igniter. You will need this...
1 month ago
my speedometer will work for about a mile then stop. The gas , blinker, and neutral light all work...
by ErnestSmith   

Odometer fault
hi everyone. I have a 1998 Suzuki VL1500 intruder. The speedo and fuel gauge work however the...
by Warrick1972   

Haha.... but that can also be really important to get the right answer!!!
1 month ago
Won't turn over
I have a 2005 lc1500. It sou,rd like the same problem many have with the cylinder decomp in the...
by Dean112   

I knew I had this somewhere. Read all the way through. Got...
1 month ago
Suspension/ load carry
I have a 2000 Suzuki intruder 1500 Lc. I’m a big guy 425lbs but I’m 6”6 so I’m a foot ball player...
by David73   

Welcome to the site. Judgemental junk doesn't fly here. I'm down from 383 to 283 at 6'3". Anyway;...
2 months ago
Strange electronic sound.
This is my first time here and I'm trying to get my 2001 Suzuki intruder 1500 into perfect...
by Sighdeath   

10 Sighdeath Sorry for being unable to reply. I have been out of any internet range while being over at my...
2 months ago
Performance mods
Ive been looking on the interntet for the past couple weeks and i cant find anyone who has really...
by Travis9   

2 Mike123 You need a good exhaust, the right carb set up, air filter etc ..It isn’t worth the trouble trying...
3 months ago
Pulsing sensation under steady throttle.
Hello everyone, I'm hoping I can get a little help from you.  I recently bought a 2000 VL1500 and...
by MrRowleyBri   

Hi Brian - Not sure if you have a Service Manual for your bike but if you haven't then download a...
4 months ago