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Site is back up
Am I dreaming...or is this site back up <...
by Gordo0000   1 week ago

Keep playing around with it. Click on your name and there is a column under it with help. Here's a...
6 days ago
Install Help
Installing an ORK ...Please Help!
I've broken down and puchased the Baron Oil...
by Gordo0000   8 months ago

Thanks for all the advice ... I installed it on Saturday... took it out for a bit and placed...
8 months ago
Maintenance Help
AIS rehashed
I know this subject (among Star owners) has been...
by Gordo0000   9 months ago

I have a bag of each type of the caps. LOL. Yes, it works and is reversible. Just having a senior...
9 months ago
Install Help
Windshield Help I have tire dilemma solved (I've decided...
by Gordo0000   9 months ago

yes, i slotted the bottom hole at a downward angle and the top hole straight in. so it angles in...
9 months ago
Maintenance Help
Requesting V-Star 1100 Tire Information
I have a V Star 1100 Classic which I bought last...
by Gordo0000   10 months ago

Picked up the bike yesterday morning...what a difference ! You never know how bad the old tires...
9 months ago
Customizing Help
Fitting a National Windshield around existing lightbar
Hi...I have an '05 V Star 1100 classic which I...
by Gordo0000   10 months ago

Sounds like your going to have some fun mounting and fabing up brackets.
10 months ago
New Member Welcome
New member from Oakville ON
Hi All  Just sayin' hi ... new member - I ride...
by Gordo0000   10 months ago

Hi Frostbite - well said !! ...and having a life of it's own is soooo true...and we get so attached...
10 months ago