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Motorcycle Endurance Record Broken
by Hildr   2 years ago

Hildr the article...he ran the whole thing on an 8.5 mile test track...a test track designed...
2 years ago
Fun Stuff
Maz Compton
Any of my Australian friends know of Maz Compton...
by Hildr   4 years ago

4 years ago
Bike Models
Harley Davidson Live Wire
The Harley Davidson Live Wire tour was in Central...
by Hildr   4 years ago

5 TRELL The real test will be on the range of battery.
4 years ago
United States
The Texas Honor Ride
This Saturday, November 15th, is the 2014 Texas...
by Hildr   5 years ago

Looks like it was a success, good role up and a great cause, nothing like a pie and coffee to top...
4 years ago