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Warm weather is back!!
I am so excited that the warm weather is back so...
by aperry269   7 years ago

I ride all year as well. The warm weather just gave me an excuse to get a mesh jacket LOL Cheers...
7 years ago

Had my first experience with dumbasses
Ok so I finally got to experience first hand of...
by aperry269   8 years ago

Ummm, sorry about the double reply... not sure how I did that, lol
8 years ago
Fun Stuff
preist vs pimple
I heard this one the other day and I know it's...
by aperry269   8 years ago

4 Gibbo95 That is highly likely.
8 years ago
United States
For those in my neck of the woods... Northwest Ohio...
I recently found out about this and plan on going...
by aperry269   8 years ago

Definitely will do!!
8 years ago

been riding more!!!
Finally had some nice weather here and I have...
by aperry269   8 years ago

Dare I say almost to dang hot right now, but still getting out, good to hear you are riding more
8 years ago
Maintenance Help
Riding Jackets???
Hey all, I need to buy a riding jacket but am...
by aperry269   8 years ago

37 abdebilla i love riding jacket ....!!
2 years ago

finally rejetted!
Ok well I decided to wait on the rejetting until...
by aperry269   8 years ago

thats great,i know some women that own a bike,but none that work on them themselfs,so we schould be...
8 years ago

My riders class
So today was the first "riding" day of class and...
by aperry269   8 years ago

That's weird, I clicked on it right after I posted it and it worked.  I run into that frequently on...
8 years ago

My first upgrade on my bike
Well I finally got my exhaust in and the jet kit...
by aperry269   8 years ago

Great job, and they look great too!  Mod my bike this spring the same, and I love the results, it...
8 years ago