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Audio and Microphone Kit for scala rider G9x

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Audio and Microphone Kit for scala rider G9x

This audio kit allows you to attach a 2nd kit to a spare helmet, and provides a better and larger set of helmet speakers and a better disigned boom mike. The unit will accept either the G4 or G9 mudule.

Even bigger speakers? And it would be great if Scala could change the audio scaling on their G4 unit. Too large in audio steps at the upper end. Needs to be half steps to allow finer audio adjustment between too soft and too loud
Review Pros: 
A little change in design, but better speakers and the boom mike now has no outward facing holes (which used to pick up wind noise from the front) The older G4 unit seems to fit higher on my Shark Vision R series 2 helmet than my new G9 unit which is on an OGK Kabuto FF5 helmet. The unit is always the first thing to touch the surface when placing the helmet down, but they maybe a design issue with the helmet and how the Scala fits.
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None that I could find.
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Tools were included
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6-12 Months