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I'm new to motorcycles. My experience as a motorcycle owner and rider is Very limited. I own a 2007 Yamaha vstar 650 custom. I intend on learning as much as possible from this forum.

Won't shift into 2nd gear

I bought this bike recently and it is an awesome machine.  I have had problems shifting into 2nd but thought that I needed to adjust the height of the shifter. 

Now, all of a sudden, it will not shift into 2nd at all...not even a click.  Any ideas?

No spark issue!!!

So my 01 v star 650 is not getting any spark.
The spark plug boots are getting a constant 12v but nwhen you crank it over it drops down to about 9v as if the coil isnt boosting the voltage. I changed the coils, still no spark i changed the pick up coil, stator and relay unit still no spark. The starter is turning over, all the kill switches are fine. I also bought a csi box off if ebay so it could be bad aswell...
Im kinda to a point i dont know what to do.

Any thoughts?

2019 CCC trip Sept 9-12th in Gatlinburg, TN ??????

Found this site called the Cabins of the Smoky Mountains where they rent out multi-bedroom cabins.  Check out the links.   This 12 bedroom cabin (12 BR), sleeps 58.  The more we can get to come, the cheaper it will be.  If only 8 bedrooms (that would be $68 / night / bedroom).  It is roughly 60 miles from Deals Gap (tail of the dragon).  A number of loop roads in the surrounding area.  Weather for Sept ranges from 56-80 degrees with average of 8 rain days for Sept versus 11 rain days in June (temp range 59-83) (tail of the dragon circuit ride)

drawback is a bit north of getting on the Blueridge Parkway.  Cherokee, NC has cabin rentals also, town is only 2000 people vs Gatlinburg around 4100.  Cherokee would be better suited to ride more mountain circuits.  Let me know what you think

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