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thankful for days like this

This was actually about a week ago.  Just 2 days ago it go up to 68 degrees.  Still some trees with leaves yet as of today, but mine are all off, raked, and disposed of.  High of 62 today, no rain going to work, but 75% chance coming home at 9:30 pm.  Good thing a got the saddlebags on the Rebel and my rain boots in them.  So missing my Bird on days like this.  

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long black wire at base of motor

Hello to all riders but specifically Vulcan 800 riders, 

I recently bought a vulcan 800 and had to get a new motor since the old one came with a thrown rod. I've installed everything electrically except for one long black wire at the base of the motor that I cannot seem to find a plug in for. I have a photo for reference but can't figure out how to post it on here... Any help would be great. Thank you. 

Pic from this summer

Hi there my Friends ! 
I have been and are so bloody busy for a long time and did not have much energy to post on the site for a looong time. 
Still in here for a glance though ! 
Post a picture of one of my awsome rides this summer. 
It was a very late and cold spring that made the riding season even shorter than it ought to be. 
No complain though , Ride when a ride is possible is my way !  Take Care all of you, enjoy and ride safe !  CYA

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