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Slow in all gears especially 5th

Hi all I have a 07 Yamaha XVS 650 with new clutch plates, plugs, clean carbs, oil ,gear oil ,also sync the carbs, clean fuel tank and filter, fuel pump is good , first gear ok secound ok third could be better sluggish more throttle or gas that movement fifth nwill switch into but no opower bad on hills 70 mph max on interstate. The front cylinder is warmer that the back  90 deg delta  the PSI on exhaust low and high could one cylinder not be firering as much as the front ? 

Which heated grips

Thanks for the add. Just wondering if anyone has tried fitting Oxford heated grips to a vn900. I have a set (New) but no way can I get them to fit. I've seen somewhere that they won't fit the Vulcan due to the 22mm size of the handle bar's (same as the Harley Davidson's. Anyone know if this is true? Mine is a 2008 vn.