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Help with back fender

Is it possible to remove the back fender without removing the back wheel. I laid my bike down in Sturgis last week, not real back, scratch to the front fender, scratch on the left hand side of the tank, broken front left signal light. I was thinking rather than to match the paint to actually have the tank and fenders two tones, but the rear fender would need to come off to accomplish this. 

Would be great if someone could help me out with how to remove the rear fender.

Premieux Batwing Ferring

Premieux brand batwing style ferring.
Black with blue metallic.
Minor blemish on one side was there when I bought the bike. Has been repaired and looks ok but, could use refinish if the paint scheme is not to your liking.

Complete with Blaupunkt Stereo, speakers and remote control.
Radio has a removeable memory option and USB connection.
Very loud and distortion free.