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Im a newbie!

Greetings from northwest Ohio! Last June, at the ripe old age of 54, I bought my first bike. It was an ‘88 Vulcan with <10K miles and in beautiful condition. A great starter bike but I ran into a great deal on a ‘13 Fat Bob with 7,800 miles. Couldn’t pass it up so here I am. I’m stoked abt riding season being upon us & I’m really excited about being a new member of your community. Thanks & let’s have some fun. BTW, I call my bike Cousin Ely. Any fans of the rock band Umphrey’s McGee will get the reference. If there are any Umphrey’s McGee fans in the group please introduce yourselves to me. If your not familiar with their music, do yourself a favor & check them out.

Charging issues

I have a 2000 Yamaha vstar it's 1100cc.
I have had 2 brand new batteries and a new rectifier.
It'll run for about a minute then die then I'll charge it back up then same result. Checked my fuses I had one bad 10 amp which popped on the highway just before the system failed. (Its been running for weeks on that new rectifier) That 10 was for the cluster and the lights i believe. I also believe the stator is new the previous owner replaced it but kept buying cheap rectifier for like 20 dollars.

Cooling situation

Hey all new member here! Just bought this vt1100. My old bike was down and out. So this bike I have to say runs sweet! Changed all the fuilds took it out a few time. Drove it back the day I bought it. About 50 miles. So the only thing I have noticed it the coolent resvevor was low. Remembering the guy said to me. It's never had a problem except when he started it this season he rode about a hour and it spit out some coolent on him but never did it again. So I topped off the bottle and sure enough did it to me.. but then that was it. So I never added to it again. Seems fine. Night over heating light. But I don't want to mess something up. Any ideas? TIA

Creamy dipstick/oil cap

Hello, I have a 2000 Honda VT1100 C2 that has a developed creamy white substance on the dipstick and also found underneath the oil cap. There is no external leaks of oil and coolant before and after doing a oil change about a week ago. Also, no issue when the bike turns on. It starts up at the touch of a button and rides smooth with power. To be more exact it runs better than before with no evidence of decreased engine power. Any ideas?