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Ignition pulse generator

hi , i just imported a 86 vt1100 shadow inti ISRAEL but it is only running on the 2 front cyclinders  ,new coils, new cdi checked out all found that the ignition pulse generator is faulty ,, can any one suggest where i can buy one  ,tried 12 salvage shops with no luck 


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My Motohack handle goes back to 1993 when I built my own sidecar rig after returning from  a deployment to Egypt. My profile contaqins a link to an NBC Nightly News segment about the Sit Stay Ride film Hercules (Sidecar Dog #3) and I were in. I've got 250Kmiles on my rig now and it just costs too much to replace the old parts. I've got a R1200C I was planning to mount my 1961 Russian Military sidecar on. I still might do that, but I've got a standing offer on my old rig. So, I'm looking into selling my antique sidecar rig and building another one from scratch using a heavyweight cruiser. I like the original Stratoliner and the big VTX for retro looks. The sidecar body I have in mind is styled like the 1953 Harley Heritige available after WWII. I've got a good handle on what it takes to build a sidecar for 500-600 mile days cruising at 75-85mph. I do know used bike ads are full of low-mileage garage queens at bargin prices. What I don't know about heavyweight metric cruisers is the reason I'm here. I want to avoid reliability issues like plastic oil pump gears and such.