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Comfortable seat

I have a 2006 Yamaha Silverado Roadstar 1700. I really like the bike with the exception of the seat just kills my butt after about a hundred miles. I see there are several Brands out there any recommendations on a comfortable seat would be appreciated thanks David

Fan won't work

Hi All,
I have a 2004 750 aero and the fan hasn't come on since i've owned it ( 2 years).
I grounded the fan wire and it turns on. I replaced the thermo switch, still doesn't work.
Yesterday i rode 45 minutes in traffic (hot day) then idled for 10 minutes. No luck.
I've had many long rides on hot days and have never overheated and i'm 100% sure the fan has never switched on.
The coolant is full.
Thanks in advance.

Spoke wheel for 04 shadow sabre ?

I just got an 04 shadow sabre I really like the bike but hate the mag wheels. If nothing else I'd love to get a spoke wheel for the front. I have been looking and reading alot and can't find out if any are available to just swap on. I did read a guy say the shadow aero wheels were a direct for on a sabre but had e seen none else say that so I wana be sure b4 I go blow $.