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Clutch cable

This is what happens original cable because the adjust point of cable is made wrong place.
New cable the adjust point is much closer the clutch crip so it wont turn broken.

New here

Hei! Just join to this group. Seems to be lots of information here that's nice.
I'm from Finland, 58 years young and been driving almost twenty years now. Summers here in Finland are little short so we driving like madmen whole summer.
I bought my Midnight Star 1300 in last July and have been very happy to it.
Have a safe ride, friends!



How much you can say about Wrecking except boy I got some major road rash but at least the light came out in one piece broken mirror broken foot Peg bent handlebars but that was it me on the other hand have road rash thick road rash all the way down my left side and a lot of bruising but thank God I saved the motorcycle

2002 V Star 1100 Engine Stalls/Dies when warm/hot-riding

My 2002 Yamaha VStar with only 1025 miles, (stored for 9 years), stalls out after riding for 6 -7 miles, engine stops and dash indicator lights go out.

Turning ignition switch off and the right back on does not indicate power as the dash lights do not illuminate. Waiting for 5-8 minutes and turning the igniton key back on, all lights activate and engine starts, ride for another 3-5 miles and same senairo, engine quits/stalls out and have to wait for a few minutes then re-start. Battery seems to have lots of power as it starts the engine easily when cold and after allowing the engine to cool.

As the bike was stored for an extended period, we had: 

1/the gas tank drained and flushed before an attempt to start.

2/New Battery

3/Had the carberators removed and serviced  a through cleaning /jets cleaned cleared of any blockage
4/New spark plugs

5/New Fuel Line Fiter

6/New Petcock in gas tank as the screens on the OEM petcock were somewhat deteriorated due to the chemical used in the cleansing of the tank.

7/Oil and Filter service was done (of coarse)

8/Gas Cap was not springing down when installing, throughly cleaned and freed with WD40 now works like new, (do they make a perfect seal or does the gas cap let expanded air out or sucks air in, what is the purpose of the spring allowing the cap to be push down even in the locked position ?)

Can anyone suggest with any amount of certainty what maybe the cause of this stalling issue. I don't really wish to go thru the trial and error narative.

We have eliminated spark plugs by reinstalling orriginals,(they perform like the new ones-no issue), changed the fuel filter,(no residue from fuel) ensuring good flow from Fuel Tank Petcock, new battery. 

I'm told that it may be a poor ground, have checked all battery conection and ensured the are clean and free of any foreign matter, checked for gorunding on chasis, good !

Ignition seems like new, key not loose and turns properly. (only has 1,000 miles (1624kilometers), 

I read somewhere that a regulator / resistor may be the cause, how would one know ?

It's like going to the doctor, ever wondered why they call it a practice ?

I don't really want to go on replacing parts that are perfectly fine until it is determined that it might be the gas cap, which seems to be functioning fine.

Asyou can most probably determine, I'm more then a little bit frustrated and really would like to ride with a degree of confidence that the engine will perform as it should.

Thank you in advance for your sincerely appreciated input.


Kangaroo Island Trip

This was on Sunday morning in Canberra after the Wall 2 Wall ride with over 2000 bikes in attendance it was an amazing experience.

It was a chilly start 3.5°c to our continued ride to South Australia Kangaroo Island.

Arrived at Tanunda Barossa Valley for 2 nights after a long 725km ride from Echuca to sample some of Australia's finest wines

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