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Synchronizing carbs

hi guys, I have a 2003 Suzuki marauder, I rebuilt both carbs and I’m about to sync the carbs. My question is I’m not sure which is the main carb? Can anyone help?

Hello everyone

Hello everyone, I'm Cameron. I am a novice rider, used to do dirt bikes occasionally as a kid I but haven't been on one in a long time. Just recently, completed my MSF course and got my motorcycle endorsement for my license. Now I'm in the process of acquiring my dream bike, a Honda Shadow Phantom 750. I love these bikes and can't wait to learn more about them, any advise is more than welcome!

Ape hangers

I have a 97 ultra classic.. going to add some 18" ape hangers.. how do I calculate the length of throttle cables and clutch cable I'm going to need?

New motor for the Cafe Racer

Finally arrived ... built by Loaded Gun Customs in Selbyville Delaware, trucked to Longbeach California, by sea to Port Melbourne; and finally trucked to Canberra! Started life as a 1200cc Buell motor from 1998 Buell Lightning ... now enhanced with a Hammer Performance (Idaho) 1275 performance kit. To be transplanted into my 1987 XLH 1100 Sportster Cafe Racer. Will be a straightforward (I hope!!!) swap because those early Buell motors were hopped up Sportster engines. I’ll start the teardown if my Sportie some time in the new year.

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Bike keeps cutting off

Hey guys! I’m a new motorcyclist got my first bike about 2 months ago.
Anyways the bike has been acting up these past two weeks, I was riding on the highway and it started to slow down and the throttle wasn’t responding, I’d open it up fully and it would start to kick in. But it just felt like it running out of gas, after about 4 miles of that it cut off on me so I pulled off after after sitting for about 10 mins it started back up.
that issue hasn’t happened again but the past few times I’ve started it up it’ll Fire up and just die after 15-20secs And today it did the same but even after sitting for a bit it wouldn’t fire up again. Any help would be greatly appreciated!