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Hello from Arizona,
Just wanted to say "hello" to all the members on this forum and also to say thanks for all the info you put out, it really helps to have a place to turn to before you walk blind into a Stratoliner storm of sorts.
I've been riding for over 55 years and have had the pleadure of straddling some really great and also not so great machines my screwed up judgement has guided me upon, on and to.
I guess I've painted a very familiar picture in two paragraphs or less of a humorist past for most and a somewhat conjested future for those remaining few who find themselves new to the fetish of two wheels.
My aged advise......above all else keep your sence of humor close at hand.

over heating stuck in traffic jam

Hi . Igot stuck in a traffic jam on my vl1500 trike.It was stop start.stop start for about a mile. Suddenly with the engine very hot .the clutch stopped working so had to stop till it cooled off.After a hour,i tried the clutch to see if it was ok.It worked so i switched it off to fasten my helmet then tried to start it up again and it felt like the battery was dead.I finally got a push of another biker and got going again.No more trouble since.Has any body had a simular experience.

Saturday Ride stopped for a photo opportunity.

Pete (Keanster) wanted to get some K's on his new rocketship before WH10. Stopped at the Taemas Bridge which crosses the Murrumbidgee river for a photo shoot, then off to Yass for a coffee and snack. Wanted to cover a few km so headed to Boorowa with the intention of doing a round trip to Crookwell and back but I chose a short cut to Gunning via Dolby and encountered dirt roads...oops! I was more concerned for the FJR but Pete said it handled the dirt well, fortunately got to a junction road back to Yass and only had to do about 5km on dirt.

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