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No power, bike won't turn on and circuit breaker is clicking

2001 Electra glide ultra classic with new speakers, extra tweaters and new head unit installed otherwise mechanically and electrically stock. I bought it in chicago flew there and rode it back 1500 miles to colorado with no issue. Fast forward 10 months: I rode a couple miles away from my house when the check engine light came on. The speedo stopped and the needle dropped to zero suddenly the bike lost all power and everything shut off. I coasted to the median and tried bumping it while I still had momentum and just got a squeeling tire. since I got it back to my garage here's where I'm at: No power with the ignition switch on, with it on or off I could hear the circuit breaker clicking off every 30 seconds or so. Found out after checking with the dealer and giving them my vin my bike didn't have the new 50 amp breaker installed as part of a recall. Installed the new circuit breaker and when I went to reattach the negetive terminal I got an arc. not a little sparking like you get from screwing it back on like it's almost trying to weld itself on. After attaching it the new circuit breaker clicks on and off about avery 30 seconds again. I took every cover off and looked everything over visually the best I could and only found the headlight blown to peices??? I've disconnected everything in back still arcs, all the dashboard switches, still arcs, one component at a time under the seat and on the sides...... still arcs. The only thing I haven't messed with is the ecm cause I'm not sure if I would get anything with that unplugged anyway. Could be wrong in my train of thought but I need assistance past this point as I'm a novice with wiring and electrical. Also the battery took a full trickle charge and tried again with it cooled down, then tried a different battery all with the same arc then click. Please tell me this has happened to you before and all you did was........ Long shot but that would make my life so much easier lol. Thanks in advance!

Riding to Memphis

Headed to Memphis for a week of technical/management training... good weather forecast, so I'm going in style! It's only about a six hour trip to hotel from my house, unless I take a few "scenic detours", which I'm known to do! 

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2004 V-Star 1100 Classic Charging Issues

Hi, can anyone tell me what is causing all the fire to keep draining from my battery while im riding;?? Everything shuts down or off... Then i have to place the battery on charger to get it started again.. I replaced the battery about 3 weeks ago, thinking that might be the problem.. After, replacing the battery it is still doing the same thing whether i play my radio or not... I can be riding it, & then look down & the speedometer, signals & lights will just shut off... Then my bike starts cutting out.... Can you please tell me what you think could be possibly causing this problem?? JOHNNIE69