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We may never pass this way. ( I hope)

Roadie here. I'm getting ready to travel to parts unknown. I believe my passport is up to date. Capt. Said it was .
Between the Scrapple, Moonshine and crabs not a bad trip. The crabs are mean little bastards wile there alive . Meaner then Phil.
He has given me a small job to do and he told me not to screw it up. Wonder what that meant?

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Stupid New York State inspection. If you know a guy.... all is well and anything will pass. No license plate light aftermarket exhaust and no reflectors. All is good

My Friendship Patch

They go out today.  Message me if I missed you, I spent a lot of time identitying my friends that have visited CCC in the last 4 months.  I have a lot of folks that haven't been to the site in 4 years.  And no this picture was not photoshopped, it is an actual shot.  The border should match AllenEllis' pink coat, helmet, booties and gloves.

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MBS (2 bikes) but ONE and only 1 helmet for me

When you said "line up" I am going by the police "line up" there gets to be only ONE of you in it.  I can only wear one helmet at a time.  It is the same for 35 - 100+ degrees.  Need my sun visor, my face shield to protect my eyes from the wind.  They are dry enough without the wind blowing on them.

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For Spratty, I'm throwing mine in

1. Full face solid black in a JMax, very nice fit and comfortable. But very hot
2. Half helment is a Outlaw, very nice fit as well. light and much cooler
3. Solid red unknown name. It is a modular helment. Can get air by raising the entire face up or the shield only. Have put a Sena 20 comunnication system on.
Now I know some if not all of you are wondering what I'm doing with a helment, let a lone three, lol. As I very rearley wear one

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For Spratty

a half hemet matty black and a 3/4 gloss black.  I had a bomber helmet which provided no protection, but in california the courts upheld it is legal.  I bought it because it hid away easy for use if I had a passenger.  Would give them mine and I would be legal with a boomer.  I must of lost it or chucked it.  Just as well.  I like the 3/4 better as it is quieter so I can hear my ipod music better.

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