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Just like the first story I read, switching from a 650 to 1300.

I'm 65 years old and thought I was done riding, so much for that thought. I probably will ride till I can't walk anymore. I enjoy the freedom, just like my almost 15 years of sobriety, best choice I ever made. Can't wait to get my new ride. Seems the older I get, the more I respect my bike, thank God I've never lost the fear of what stupid riding will get you (HURT}! Believe me I've been tested by quite a few other people who have no respect for us riders, but in the long run, I survived it! I feel if it"s God's plan, it'll all work out!  Nice to belong to a bunch of great people

Fuel from Drain Line

After the bike started stalling when idle, I noticed fuel coming from under the air filter cover.  When I removed the cover the air filter was soaked in fuel and I discovered the fuel was coming from the drain line that actually feeds into a small hose barb attached to the air filter.  When the fuel was allowed to flow freely from the drain line the bike seemed to idle as expected, however, when the line was blocked (by either the back pressure from the air filter or my finger) the bike would stall. What would cause fuel to make its way into this drain line? 

Val’s challenge

Nobody wants to look at me lol but here’s one my jobs. My main one, delivering fuel all over NY, a little bit of the New England states and sometimes Ontario. I usually only do 5 days a week 14-16 hours a day. Other jobs include Unadilla motocross track and volunteer firefighter. At some point in all this mess I try to find time to be a husband, dad and maybe even get out on 2 wheels.

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Turn signal malfunction

I put led lights on front and rear of my 2002 VTX 1800C. My front and rear running lights go on but when I put either turn signal on which ever side I choose, that turn signal turns off. I installed a flasher for led lights and did a diode fix but can not figure out why the turn signal goes out when I switch left or right

Seeping oil on front cylinder

Picking up a 98 marauder this week. It seeps oil around and above the valve cover gasket on the front cylinder, which gets worse as it warms. The guy im getting it from just changed oil. Would i be correct to assume he overfilled it and its seeping out wherever it can? Hes selling it to me cheap because he is stumped about this. Just trying to see if the few google searches I've done are leading me in the right direction. It will be in my garage friday and ill have a better chance to see whats up. Wondering if anyone else had this issue.