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Evening ride around town

Ah! Finally sun after some rainy and windy days. 
Freedom of a Ride is strongly underastimated ! 
Had a ride not outside the city limits just breathing the fresh air
and feeling free ! 
Helps a Lot on PMS ! Smiley-laughing
The waterfall is almost natural, just half a meter buildt dam.
The industry did not think ethical when they placed the conveyor belt in the middle of the fall !
Has been a lot of discussions about tearing it down or not. Bloody historic listed even if its not very old !
Pretty cool waterfall though, spesially wintertime icecovered and all beuitiful lightened up. 

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My First Bike 'YIAH'

This is the youngest of my three brothers at age nine sitting on my first motorcycle, a 1965 Honda 305 Superhawk. I remember snapping this shot myself back in early 1971. I bought the Superhawk in the fall of 1970.  My two other brothers each already owned their first bikes, two matching black Honda 90's prior to me getting the Superhawk. I would have to pay for a full tank of gas anytime that I wanted to ride either of the Honda 90's. The cost of a full tank of gas would set me back a whopping $0.25 cents US at times. Smiley-laughing I don't recall a time ever where either of my brothers rode my Superhawk. I guess the 'full tank' of gas rule was going to be enough reason to never ride it. By the end of 1971, I sold the Superhawk and bought a 1970 Honda CB750.

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looking for side covers

Recently bought a 1997 VN1500A(88) and have been unable to fing side covers. Ebay had one listed for the right side, it was wrong! Need covers with 7 1/2 in between pegs and 6 in from front peg to bolt hole. Haven't had any luck finding after market either. Any help??