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Light Bar add on

Hello to all. I am a new member of the forum. Looking forward to sharing info with other 1100 custom owners. Here is my first question. I am looking for ideas to add a light bar to my 2001 1100 custom. With my fairing, what type of light bar would be easiest to add on? I am looking for new or used. Also, perhaps there are add on side lights to attach to the fork area that make it look like 3 lights going across. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Affordable websites is acceptable to share. Thanks and God Bless!

My vulcan 1500 c

I have a 96 1500c when the breather covers are off,it ldels fine but with some throttle it pops and sputters,with the air filter and covers on it runs great is this normal

My vulcan 1500 c

Hello just wondering, when my air breather covers are off the bike ldels fine but when given throttle, it pops and sputters when the covers are on it runs great .is this normal?

Fourth Time in Tuskegee

I had been a pilot for over eight years before learning about the famous WWII pilots, the Tuskegee Airmen or better known as the Redtails. An annual gathering had been taking place in Tuskegee, Alabama on Memorial Day weekend since 1970 where African-American pilots from around the country would meet for some friendly competitions to see who was the best pilot. Here is a video of my fourth consecutive time in Tuskegee for a weekend of flying and fun. That year I was flying Beech Bonanza A36 with the tail number N1566X.

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