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New member with lots of problems

My bike has been sitting for about 4 an a half years an I thought the major issue was going to be stale gas so I pulled the tank an drained it, no gas in the lines or the bowl. Went to replace the plugs with OEM NGK's an having a ruff time getting back in. Even the old plugs not to mention I just noticed apparently mice have chewed up alot of the wiring under the seat. It's a 2004 an only 8300 miles. I am a mechanic but not a miracle worker, please help

Well I bought it in more ways than one.

hey everyone I did it I bought my dream bike. A 2004 Yamaha Royal Star Venture (Midnight Special.) It was every thing every one and all the reviews said it would be and a lot more. Yamaha went over the top with these bikes that V-4 motor is so smooth its like ridding on the edge of a cloud. and the leather seat is so comfortable you just don't want to get off the bike for anything. I stop at a rest area to pee and asked the service attendent if they would bring the urinal to me because I didn't want to leave the bike...lmao!
The retro look that Yamaha used in the design for this particular bike I found out from Yamaha came from the insparation of the old Indian chief bikes. as most of you that know me know it was my dad with his old 1936 indian that got me hooked on motorcycles. so this bike for me even though its a metric was my Indian. Yes I said was. An hour and a half in to my trip home from hendersonville, NC. at the insection of I-26 and I-85 north I lost control of my dream bike while attempting to slow down faster than the 18 wheeler in front of me that was showing me how well his rear brake lights worked. as we turned in to the lower end of the I-85 ramp to go north the18 wheeler locked up his brakes and attempted to stop. At which point I had only two choices become part of the 18 wheelers load or lay the bike down. I did everything humanly possible to stop my bike and I just couldn't stop it fast enough at one point I thought I had it under control as that big touring bike started to turn sideways in the road. I thought I was going to be able to ride it out and stop in time but than it twitch back and I was thrown from the bike at 45 mph which is the speed limit for that ramp. I have discovered that the human body will remain arrowdynamic until it makes contact with the ground at which point it does not like to move much. I did however manage to keep my body from sliding on one side by remebering my dirt bike days and what to do in the event you have to lay your bike down and I rolled over and over and over again until my body stopped on its own. I did recieve an extreme does of road rash form my contact with the road.(both elbows, right palm and finger tips, and a big chunk of my right rear cheeck.) My helmet amazingly never got a single scratch.I don't blaim the truck driver for stopping like he did in the middle of the ramp I'm sure he had his reasons but he did play a big part in the accident even though I didn't hit him. three eye witnesses, the state trooper on the sceane, the EMT's, several nurse and a ER doctor, my insurance company, friends and family have all said I did the right thing at the right time. I know the bike is replaceble and I do intend to get another one just like the last one. Dad used to say "if you fall off the horse you need to get back on and ride  other wise the fear will eat you alive. So yes there is another Yamaha Royal Star Venture (Midnight Special.) in my future but  think I'm going to take the time to heel first.

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