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noise level

Just purchased a 2002 1600 Silverado, find the top end noise level more than other Yamaha's. Has any one tried using synthentic oil to quiten this, if so the results?

08 vstar 650 custom

the oil fill bolt on my 08 vstar 650 custom started leaking a little..put in a new bolt and o ring..but still a little leak..first time ever this has happen..only thing i can think of is that i put in to much oil? no other leaks anywhere..any ideas?? thanks

Vstar starting troubles.

Hey guys I need some help, recently got my 2004 vstar from the shop, had some tail light wiring done. Well when I picked up the bike it wouldn’t start. Lights came on and when I went to start..... nothing. No clicks or nothing. Took the seat off and and took a pair of plairs to the battery bolt and starter bolt and it fired right up “some sparks included”. Rode the bike home, cut it off and tried to restart it. Again nothing. I’m thinking it might be the starter relay? Any ideas?