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Enginge Chasis # vs. VIN # & thier locations?

I'm a newbie. I have researched this topic online, and I can't seem to get a straight forward answer. What is the diffrence btw an engine's chasis # and a VIN #? Where are they located on an 2006 VN1600 Classic? And would both numbers be on the Title? Please help?!
I have found a bike and I need to KNow the locations of these numbers. As I will be doing a "FULL" and Thorough assesment of the bike prior to purchasing it. I already have my list made out with the help of multiple youtube videos, guiding me on things to look/watch out for when buying a used motorcycle.
Any and all help will be greatly appreciated! T.I.A

Battery Cable for 1997 Suzuki Intruder 800

Hello, folks!

I am curious about the positive battery cable for the 1997 Suzuki Intruder, the bike I plan to ride in a few weeks when the snow is gone!

My bike's cable used to go from the + battery terminal to the solenoid, and from there, an auxiliary cable soldered to it would go to a plug-in connector attached to the bottom of the fusebox. My plug-in connector is broken precisel at the place where the auxiliary cable would go (a bullet connector perhaps? I am not sure).

The replacement cables for the 97 Intruder 800 which online bike stores sell (CheapCycleParts and JP Cycles come to mind) are long enough to go from the battery terminal to the solenoid but not nearly long enough to go from there to the plug-in box. Furthermore, the short auxiliary cable has what looks like a "double female" connector that does not seem attachable to anything nearby. For example, the positive screw in the fusebox would accept a ring, but not a "double female" connector.

Is anyone familiar with the cable I am talking about. If so, is there a brand that sells aftermarket positive battery cables for the 97 Suzuki Intruder?

If not, I was thinking of just purchasing the cable kit from a place like Revival Cycles and make the cable myself. Someone in the forum (Wayne) has advised on how to fix the plug-in connector with epoxy. I will do that. Does anyone know the kind of terminal Suzuki Intruder 800 uses in the plugin connector? Is it the "bullet male" connector?

Thank you!

This is Australia

I hope this link can be opened ... proved a bit difficult for me but finally got there. The first article by Jacquie Furneaux is worth reading by those of you who know nothing about Australia or have formed perceptions based on movies and myths. Its a "Letter to my mother" by a British woman who spent 7 years riding around the world on her Enfield motorcycle. She tells her mother what it was like spending a year on the road in Australia. The article makes me want to jump on my bike and do another lap of Australia!!

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