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Tips Finished

Finished and painted with high temp paint. Installed and waiting to do a test ride.
As I've mentioned before, I'm trying to reduce the noise of my C50T exhaust. I put the original air filter back on which helped and I'm joping the longer tips will place the noise further back.

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My luck holds out...

   Stopped at a drug store last Saturday night to get some medicine for my wife on my ride home.  As I was checking out, some stupid wench came into the store and told me she just backed over my bike with her pickup. 

    Of course, she had no license nor insurance.   Waiting to see what my insurance is going to do right now.  Frown

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An old Friend

Filmed in Malaga Spain a couple of years ago. Just look at his happy smile. We took him on a long trip to Barcelona,Naples,Pisa,Sweden,Istanbul,Malaga,Gibralta,Copenhagen,Rome,On a cruise. He had the time of his life. flirted with all the women, drank alcohol and general fun. I miss the little guy.

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