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07:00 early morning view from our holiday balcony.

07:00 early morning view from our holiday balcony.

Time to go home. This afternoon we will arrive home. Time to pack our bags and prepare for the flight back to Holland... 


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That is a beautiful view

Very nice.

Very nice pic

Like the sunrise

Great view.

Hope you enjoyed your break, going home is not so bad if you think of the positives, you will be the best sun tanned Dutchman in town and everyone will be asking how you got so tanned which makes the holiday experience linger for longer...LOL!

Hope you had a fantastic time, now time for reality, back to work.

NOW you can look forward to the next Holiday.. good photo.

First I have to show Some of Holland to two Australian visitors, because Dennis and Nola will arrive In a week, next Saturday the 9th of June and stay for a couple of days....

Funny how the last day and evening is the most memorable.....a fellow we met on our last trip told me to try and think of every day on holidays as if its the last......Thank God that there are still places we can travel to that are safe these days and enjoy our planet. Gert, Spain looks like a great escape that must be your favorite as you go there often. In this side of the planet Hawaii is our "Spain gettaway" and we so thankful to be able to visit when we can. Many never get these opportunities.......

Say hi to Dennis and Nola for me.

I will Randy!

I agree Todd, Spain is one of our favorites, specialy because of the the nice weather. Going by car we also like the south of France or the mountains in Austria to visit, maybe because we don’t have any here in Holland. And since I met Marek, Sweden is also one of my favorite countries, but maybe that’s not only because of the country, although it is a lovely country to visit, but also to visit to see my best friend....

Got to love Spain.

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