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10 Day Forcast, Eureka Springs

10 Day Forcast, Eureka Springs

This is what we're in for, as far as the weather goes




Fun Fun Fun

They are calling for scattered thunder storms between here and there Monday. I hope I can ride between them. I don't take kindly to getting hit by lightening,

Yeah, if anyone is traveling Saturday and Sunday they might get wet. I don't care much for it either Valerie

Y'all are gonna have some great weather...have fun, ride safe!

Thanks Allen, that's a promising forecast if you ask me. See you guys and gals there. Smiley-laughing

Yes it is TG. Looking forward to seeing and meeting everyone

Looking far BETTER than Ours here - it was Minus -7*C this morning ..... a bit nipply for sure ....
Cheers & ENJOY you Guys Smiley-laughing

Riding weather!!!

Yeah, good weather, really looking forward to seeing and meeting everyone

WTF. My forecast just now is sshowing possible 60 % chance showers Sun and Tuesday. Hope mine is wrong. And what is with this humidity crap. Only 85 F and feels like 105 F back home

Sunday weather sucks

Mine shows sunny and in the 90s

This is Northeast Arkansas, lol

I'm leaving for Eureka Springs at 9 o'clock in the morning CDST. I should be at the hotel right at check-in time tomorrow afternoon. I couldn't find a decent enclosed trailer with a ramp door, so my Goldwing will be left behind this time. Planning on a fantastic four days among some great CCCers regardless. My wife and granddaughter are excited as well.

We avoided the major storm but did get rained and sleeted on for about an hour. Can handle rain. It is the hail, tornado, and lightning that is a different story

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