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1681 ks and now home.

1681 ks and now home.

Back from our ride to Alexandra to meet up with other Aussie CCCers. Great weather for most of it. Strong head wind from Gundagai to Goulburn. From Goulburn there were numerous drizzle patches and finally rain for the last 35-40 ks. All considered, a great trip.


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Good to hear you’re home safe Al. It was blue sky and sunshine all the way for us ... albeit a tad chilly for the first couple of hours.

Was great to catch up again ... till next time!

Glad you and Coz made it home safe and sound, it was a great catch up with like minded people. Now looking forward to the next CCC event.

Glad you made it home safe

Welcome home neighbours.

Good you made it safe. I hate the rain

Rain isn't too bad if it is just a drizzle light rain, but if their is storm activity with it, lightning and strong wind, that is time to get off the road. We have a storm coming through today and tomorrow. Wind 25 mph with potential gusts up to 50 mph. Don't think I'll be taking the Rebel on any errands. That would be blowing me off the road.

Glad you guys made it home safe.

Welcome home Al and Coz. Hope you all had a great time together down south. The trailor certainly make things easier you can take what ever you want and not worried about space.

Thanks guys.
Randy, we had around 200ks with strong headwinds. Bit of a pain and played havoc with fuel consumption.

Glad you guys made it home okay.

Al that's better than a cross wind. Glad you are all safe

Very true Allen. Last time we did that stretch we were on the Oldwing. It's a 110kph zone and we could only do 70kph safely.

We went through Nebraska on our way to Yellowstone last year. Those winds were terrible

The worst thing about riding in the rain is cleaning the bike afterwards!

Yeah Charlie. Washed it today....39C. It was more like a steam clean. Water almost evaporated as soon as it hit. Lol.

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