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1972 Yamaha LT2 100

1972 Yamaha LT2 100

OK, I'll bite...this was my first ride, a Yamaha LT2 100 Enduro.  

In the summer of '75 I was 16 years old and had done quite a bit of mods to the bike.  I had taken off things like the headlight to lighten the load and replaced the front fender with a plastic motocross type fender.  Knobby tires, a high compression piston and cylinder head, a "Wisperin' Smith" expansion chamber plus a large rear sprocket gave the bike some amazing zip!  

This pic was taken along the Lake Fork of the Gunnison River not far from Slumgullion Pass in Colorado by my mom.  My family took summer vacations there to get away from the Texas heat and humidity.  This paricular summer, my brother and I mounted the bike onto a Jeep Grand Cherokee with a bumper carrier.  We then drove the 1,100 miles  (1800 km) from Baytown, Texas to Lake City, Colorado.  The rest of the family flew.


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Great Picture Charlie ! Smiley-laughing
Nice memories to you and a cool story !
Well done !

Great story Charlie, reminded me of my first riding experience back in 1969 before either of my brothers or I owned a Honda. A buddy who lived a couple of houses away got his first bike which happened to be a Yamaha 80. It didn't have a headlight or taillight. Just equipped enough to begin learning how to ride.

Fantastic pic and the memory of that ride is awesome.

What a classic photo!

Great photo, and story, Charlie. I don't think I have any photos of my first bike; a 1966 Honda 90 Super Sport. Wish I did!

The two stroke Yamaha trail bikes were popular here in the 70's too.

Aren't you glad you've actually got a photo of that time. Great story and photo!

What a nice pic and story Charlie!


Great pic and story. Love that everyone is posting their first rides. We just aren't satisfied with around

Cool pic and story. I saw a lot of this a few weeks ago at the Unadilla motocross track. We had a vintage national weekend, it was great to see so much of the"old iron" on track again. One old guy in his 80s has a beautiful red indian with chrome fenders. Showroom condition. Legends and heroes always brings their portable museum as well.

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