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1974 & 2003

1974 & 2003

Paint is a good match given the CL360 is a '74 and the Oldwing is '03. Candy orange but known as Jiter Orange on the Oldwing.


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TWINS ... just like Arnie Swartzeneger and Danny de Vito Smiley-wink

Lol. Yeah.

The "Odd Couple!"

Lol Charlie. They are. One weighs more than twice as much as the other.

Al, I'm taken by the shape the 350 is in. Normally those seats are shot and the chrome is a rust bucket! This seat looks original and clean. The paint is spot on. If it runs and rides its a rare find. Hopefully, there is limited use of ethanol gas were you are.

It had some surface rust on the fenders. A bit worse on the indicator stalks. Cleaned up ok. Paint is good. Turns over fine but will put it into my preferred shop in the new year to get the carbs cleaned etc. no rush to have it running. Yeah, the seat is good for age too. Tyres are great. All the lights etc operate. Brakes good. Was last running a few months ago. Never had ethanol in it.

All those years and they still use the same paint at the Honda factory!!! LOL

How nice to see the difference aver all those years Al... a bit more comfort and a bit more weight!

That’s called the ageing process Gert ... a bit more weight and a bit more comfort Smiley-wink

Yep Vardy.....that’s me. Lol.

Gert, no. The ‘74 paint was Candy Orange, the ‘03 was Jupiter Orange....see the difference. Lol. Someone at Honda probably got a promotion over that name change. They look the same to me.

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