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1982 Phillips Berlina Coupe SE #119/143

1982 Phillips Berlina Coupe SE #119/143


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Ok o obviously your to well off to associate with me

That would look nice sitting next to my Indian.

That is really nice.

Nice Charlie, one of the three Corvettes that I once owned was a 1981 model. Same chassis and engine as your Phillips Berlina. You have a rare keepsake there knowing that less than 200 of them were ever built. Enjoy your head turning drives.

Wow! Never seen one before! I guess that's one of those cars you don't take out of the garage unless there's no chance of rain for at least a parsec.

That is one beautiful look machine

One top notch looking ride. Totally envious.

Mercedes 540 tribute?

I'm most definitely not that kind of person vsnetzinger. I make sacrifices.
My style is to drive my pick ups until they are worn out. My friends and even my wife tell me to stop being so cheep and open up my purse strings and get a new one. Every time I had the chance to upgrade to a new one I instead bought the Berlina and the motorcycles.
I get attached to each one and can't sell them . They make my day every day and I love it.
Merry Christmas from John in Red Deer

It sure would. I love Indian "motocyles".

I could sacrifice to hell froze over and still not afford that vehicle it's very beautiful I suppose it's a standard transmission so even if I could afford it I'd ruin its gears

Nice ride! You’re funny Val, grind it till you find it style shifting

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