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1st Aussie CC rally

1st Aussie CC rally

This is Coz and I at the 1st rally in Oz in 2010. They were to be every 2 years but after this we all said "That was so much fun. When is the next one?" So on  the off year we have the "Not the CC rally". This year we will be having #10 back where it started, in Mildura. Coz and I are the only ones to have attended all of them till now. Looking forward to it.  For the first one, we travelled with Aussie Sreve and his wife Trish.


Own Photo: 


Have fun!

Congrats guys. Hasn't that 10 years gone quick.

You should get a special trophy for the 10th.
(btw you both haven't changed in 10years)

Looking good guys, wish I could make it. Just a little too far in too little time. realise this pic is 9 years old.....after the festive season I’m looking more like Santa’s heavier brother.

Wow! Ten years straight is awesome! Y'all do deserve a trophy for that achievement.

Taking the Valk again this year. Didn’t take it the first one as we just got back from a big trip a week before and didn’t have time to get it serviced and new tyres fitted.

Well done for the attendance record - I will see what I am doing later in the year - When IS the CC Rally on ?
Cheers Al & Coz - Ride Safe ...

Hi Greg. Go to the “Events” tab at the top of the page for details.

Thanks Al - I'll see what I can do to get out there - should be a good ride ...out & back ...
Cheers - Ride Safe ...

No problem. I see you got my message ok too.

Great achievment Al and Coz they should gold star you both.

A gold star Raymond? I didn’t even get them at school.

A BSA Gold Star !
Now that would be nice

It would Matt.

Great photo, have a wonderful time.

Thanks man. We have a couple of trips to do before this one. One in the car, the other on the Okdwing with the camper in tow.

I’m planning to be there. Mildura ‘09 was my first too.

Al ... looks like you and Coz will be the only Sydney representatives!

I’ve got a feeling this will be the last of the “national” get-togethers.’ve become negative in your old age and retirement.....

Yes I have Al ... cranky old bastard!!!

We still luv ya Peter.

Me too Pete. I don't seem to tolerate idiots and stupidity as much these days.....

... and what’s more chaps ... WE DON’T GIVE A SHIT WHAT ANYONE THINKS !!!!

Don’t hold back Pete. It’s not good for you.

Don't encourage him Al.

It’s all good. Peter is capable of making his own decisions.......I think. Lol

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