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1st ride 2017

1st ride 2017

Got out today, + 11 C. Great to knock the rust off.



Great pic!!

Good for you I may get out tomorrow. Nice picture JJ



On a steel horse I ride now, used to ride the four legged ones growing up. Wonderful pic.

Awesome pic
Good to see you got a ride in.

What a good sign JJ! That means spring will be here in about 6 weeks from now as my granddad always said, look at the weather in the east part of Canada, because we'll have about the same somewhere between 6 till 8 weeks later here in Holland!

Nice pic JJ, good to see you riding again!

Glad you can get a ride in before it gets too cold.
I could have gone for a ride today but it was the opposite. Too hot. 44 C.

so what country do I need to live in that is not TOO hot nor TOO cold year round with mild rains off and on, no worry about tornadoes, the people are friendly, has great motorcycling roads, and not overly crowded with people, is their such a place ????

Come on over Randy

The star is looking good JJ. Nice pic

Great photo. Horsepower everywhere.

So Alex do you think the 6.5 natural horsepower combined could out pull the 1300.

Looks like you got R Done , Looking good


The natural horsepower is incredible, but I bet our 1300's are easier to handle!!

Just need to be a horse whisperer and treat them right

Great shot J.J. I'm hoping to get my first ride of 2017 tomorrow afternoon. Wish me luck! Smiley-laughing

I'm wishing you luck TG.
Have a great first ride.

Thanks Terry, I'm looking forward to it. I haven't ridden since November. :(

An old pro doesn't need luck. Just enjoy. -23C now and a wind chill of -28.

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