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2 Indians 2 Vulcans

2 Indians 2 Vulcans

Got a ride in this morning with Phill on his Roadmaster, Mark on his Scout, James on Phill's old Vulcan which James is inheriting from his Dad Phill and me on my Vulcan.

Top of Beechmont which has a slighly cooler breeze than the coast due to its elevation, but boy is it bloody hot today. 33°c but feels like heaps hotter.


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Great pic Spratty !

Nice line up.. Good looking bikes all.

Lucky you didn’t get attacked by Romulans !

Just hose yourself down and ride - sheeesh .....

Nice pic Spratty and you did the ride as you already thought you would do this weekend... what about taking a swim when it’s hot like that and you do a ride at the coast?

"cowboys" and "Indians" pic, the old west being revisited but without the war or was the banter back and forth about who is better. Hmmm, may be that is what started the war way back then.

Great pic and line up.

Looking good !

Awesome line up indeed.

Randy you're spot on, plenty of banter indeed. Funny how people change with a different brand beneath their butt. But all in good humor though.

Just the Aussie way of taking the piss...

Looking good!!

Yeah Dave. A mate used to have a Goldwing. It was the best thing since sliced bread. Had Golwing stuff plastered every where and Goldwing clothing. Has a Harley now.....everything HD, clothing all HD.....Goldwing is now second rate....

Al, we wouldn't trade our Goldwing for an HD unless it was free. We are very pleased with the Goldwing

Some of my favorite rides amongst that line up.

Great pic of nice bikes.

Yes we're a good looking bunch aren't

I'll check again when I get my new glasses Dave.

Nice looking line up Dave and looked like a great day for a ride into the hills.

Thanks Dub and any day is a good day when I'm on the bike...even if its bloody hot.

Al just don't go to Specsavers please..

......Specsavers do have some funny adds on tv I must say!!!

Yeah I know even I have a laugh, then I give myself an upper cut..

Dub, you need to try to post some of them ads here so us poor Americans can see some funny ads. We don't get too many of them

Great photo Spratty! Pictures like that just make me happy!

Randy there'll be no posting of those ads here please. There're my opposition and have made the industry very cut throat and not for the better

Randy here are just a few of the specsavers adds, have a laugh!

Those were great we don't get any adds like that. Took me a few to figure out what specsavers were,, I got it.

Yes topnotch funny memorable commercials unlike our boring ones

Spratty ... which country does Specsavers originate from ?

Specland ?

The UK Vardy and they are very ruthless on their franchisees, must meet targets or there is penalties

And don't be fooled by their cheap prices the average selling price for SS is well over $500 and for not very good quality either.

Spratty ... I went into one of their shops last week to see for myself what all the hype was about ... first time ever. Walked out after 5 minutes ... went back to good ‘ol OPSM, who I’ve been going to for about 30 years.

Been in Optics for 40yrs, started out with OPSM in 1978 was only there for 4yrs and then went to independent Optometry and have been there ever since.

I go to an independent specialist for my WileyX riding goggles ... multifocal/transition ... made from expensium impossibilium !!!!

Well there thats exactly what I wear too. Great specs

I need an optimistrist so that I know what happens before I see it....!!!

Nice lineup of bikes. Great commercials. All we see here in the US is the latest and greatest drug on the market most of which have worse side effects than what they treat and then lawyers offering to sue the last drug company for you

Dub no you need a psychic for that. lol

Dub, Checked out your YouTube attachment from two days ago. Perfect !! I needed that !!

Humour seems to work well in Australian advertising seems to linger in the memory banks longer.

Yep. Some are bloody awefull but you remember them....Where dya gedit?

'NOT HAPPY JAN' - Smiley-laughing

Yep. Or the Joyce Mayne ads.

Avagoodweegend !

like liquid into chalk

What happened to Mrs Marsh ???

She died in 2013, but did promote healthy teeth all the way to the end.

'Ooooh! It DOES Get IN' ..... She was a Wonder Woman, Wasn't She !!! (Thanks for the Clip, Matt - Memory Lane is a good walk ain't it ...) cheers ...

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