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2005 V-Star Classic

2005 V-Star Classic

Bike still in storage ... can't wait to get back in the saddle again !



Nice ride. My bikes still in storage too. Damn old man winter doesn't want it to be spring.

Good looking V Star..ti was 65 F down here. Been riding for a week now hopefully you guys up north will get out soon..

Like the look of that front end ... classic!

Very nice Gordo.

Nice looking ride

as you say Peter, a classic looking motorcycle.
Hopefully spring will show up soon for you. Here in Medford it is hit and miss each day.

Vstar 11 is a great bike.

Thanks for the compliments... I got it last June for a steal with 18k mileage...I saw it locally on Kijiji and fell in love... I added the bags, a tank bib, and the light bar - which I bought from a guy on Kijiji...I thought it was OEM but when I got it home it didn't fit...everything worked out in the end when I spaced it out with longer bolts and a couple of chrome snap-on shorty sockets! I also swapped out the front and rear reflectors with orange and red running lights which look really cool at night.

Question...The guy I bought it from has no idea what the pipes are...they are pretty loud and throaty but have no markings on them..any guess as to what brand just by looking at them?

Rough guess Gordo American Classic 2 they look like mine. Enjoy the ride the 1100 is definetly a classic. I went from a 650 to 1100 now 1300 can't go past Yamaha for reliability.

Thanks Raymond ... I'll check it out !
My wife thinks I'm mad as well ... made me add extra life
btw ...Nice 1300 V-Star Tourer

Gordo I didn't buy extra life insurance as I already have it, but my wife and daughter remind me to keep it paid up. They would rather I not ride, but don't want to put up with me being grumpy.

Get out and enjoy your ride .... Nice bike ....
Ride safe Gordo ...

Two thumbs up on your V-Star, Gordo.

Very nice! My 05 is a Custom, my 01 is a Classic. I'm also very lucky in that my wife rides. She also likes to surprise me with little presents. The latest one was a socket set. Now, if I can heal up and ride; life would be good.

Hi Edwin ... that's nice to ride with the wife... I was trying to talk mine into getting a scout ... I even took her to the Indian dealer nearby ... she like it...but alas...still a big Nope!

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