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a 2014 triumph thunderbird

a 2014 triumph thunderbird

wasn't aware of this color combination.  I like mine better.  This one is for sale as the guy bought a Triumph Scrambler.



Nice combination.

Nice looking bike

I think its a Thunderbird Commander.

Capt, the Commander has double headlights. This is a Thunderbird. I found that they also made a black and white one after 2014,


That’s a beautiful ride

Maybe so Paintcan, but not as pretty as my Bird.

What do ya think...cornet or trumpet strapped to the pillion?

It might be a trumpet. It could be a trombone. The shot needs to be done with a yard stick.

Looks like a nice Trumpy - I would like to have a ride on one - Are they classed as a Sports Cruiser or something ?
I like the style of them ...
Cheers - Ride Safe ...

I don't know if you would consider it a sports cruiser. It is definitely a cruiser that handles fairly well for it's 830 lbs. I can't judge how it falls in line with other cruisers in that weight area. 1700 cc does make it sporty. I definitely have to be careful with throttle and pay attention to the speedo otherwise would have many tickets. I like it because of the dual pipes, old school look of what I feel as traditional motorcycle back in the day but with the newer amenities, fuel injected, electric start, etc.

Some call it a Power Cruiser

Yes it has plenty of power for me.

I’ll give you that Randy, yours does look better.

I do like the colour combination.

Ray, it is okay, but still prefer mine over all the other ones they have put on this bike.

Love that color combo.

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