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The 2017 Moto Guzzi

The 2017 Moto Guzzi

Thsi is the new ride,, Frostbite there are the milk jugs. They are way more fun than milk..


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Moto Guzzi. We do see them here in Europe but not that often. How is that in US? Are there a lot of them on the American roads?

I see a new single seat coming. Rear seat pad and bar coming off and you building another fender top rack. If it were me, would change the seat around and end up with a trunk on it.

Nice color choice

Gert: There are not many on the roads over here. Most people never have seen one. So far this is a much better bike than the Indian ever thought to be. I only have 1100 miles on it so far. This is only 1 week old. I am having fun.

Randy: I may have to get a seat made seems know one make seats for teh Guzzi. Corbin has one but for $700 I can do just as well. I'll just get my little pad out and make one. No trunk the bags are big enough.

Allen: I kind of have the RED theme going on here.

The red theme is amazing

RED golf cart, two red bikes. Dark Cherry red Olds and the Old strat. All the toys seem to carry the theme..

Candy Apple red is my favorite

Me too.

Great looking motorcycle Wayne ... hope this one is all you want it to be. If you are searching the Internet for a more comfortable seat also look at European sites. The current strength of the US dollar should make it relatively cheap ... if you can find one that suits.

If I can find one under $700 with a backrest. If not I'll just have one made here I know a guy that is good at that. I need to get a solo seat and get rid of this tandem one. I'm not much for passengers. IF they want to ride a bike they should get their own.

This bike is very quick for this style bike. It just never stops pulling all the way to 7,000rpm, I have had it to 120 + and only in 4th gear. I would like to try 5th,6th just to see what it will run out to. I'll have to find a very long stretch of smooth road. I know just where that is, no traffic no stop signs and no cross roads for 25 miles.I may get that done in a few days. Just for FUN

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