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2019 CC ride Hotels

2019 CC ride Hotels

Just to keep everyone on the same page These are the hotels I have booked for myself. I think some of the others have already booked also



Will be done tonight.

This is perfect.

Lots of short ride days so we can see stuff

and have more time to get to know the new people who show up and BS with the old ones

I will meet you all the morning of 6/6 in Waynesboro, and ride the day to Roanoke. I am reserving a room at the Quality Inn, where I believe most of you are staying. I have to head back the next day, had unforeseen plans come up, but at least want to meet and ride a day with you all! Anyone have an idea of how many are going? Also, what apprx time will you all begin your ride on the 6th? I'm only about 1.5 hours from Waynesboro. I have Vals # so will keep posted!

Tee, I think we should be in about 2-3 o clock. I want to miss rush hour traffic on the capitol beltway and I66 then come down I81. Betsy is not fast. 70-75 is tops for her.

Tee I think there will be 8 or 9 of us. Not a big group. We most likely will leave Waynesboro around 9 or 10. Wayne likes to take his time in the morning and we are not in any hurry. I can call you when we leave Thursday morning if you want. you live so close and we will be stopping and goofing around along the way

Randy, how are you doing on the sight seeing end of things? I think it would be good to have a plan for what we all want to see the next day so the group leader knows where to pull out

I should easily be able to meet by 9 am. Looking forward to meeting you all.

Looking forward to meeting you guys too. It's going to be fun

I'm in! Got our rooms booked! Can't wait to see you guys! Nomad & Mrs Nomad will be there!

That's great !! Like I said in an earlier post we should be there by check in.


Going to sight see, thus many pull outs to take many pics. Valerie you won't have to go into nicotine withdrawal, then again I think I remember a pic of you having a cig in your mouth while riding one time

That's right . I got a lighter on the bike

I have a spit-tune on mine! LOL

Glad to hear that. Your passenger would be really pissed if you didn't

Use the guy tailgating you for a spit-tune. Must be some nasty bugs around here.

HAHAHA It was the first accessory I put on my bike! On another note, I'm riding in NC near the Dragon with my cuz. Been great, but a lot of rain today

Don't slide off the road Smiley-laughing I hate ridding on wet. Almost as much as gravel.

I don’t mind wet, but do hate gravel! Back home safe now

Haven't given it much thought. Will have to get busy and review things and dig out my papers and maps, etc. I don't think you all really want to do what I want to do. I suspect you will all sit around and BS while I hike around the pull outs to take pics, hike up the ladders, etc. I need to get my work outs in since I won't be playing racquetball. An example,

First night might be good for BS and stuff. I intend to pack shoes for walking too. I have my time summited for work. They don't think a week ahead of time anyway. Looking forward to seeing you there.

I'm also packing walking shoes. I have trouble with steps from my stupid leg but I'm looking forward to seeing some beautiful things

After Waynesboro is Natural Bridge. You guys might like to see that.

where is that capt

About halfway between Waynesboro VA and Roanoke VA and west of the parkway. Just a thought.

I just went to Natural Bridge a couple weeks ago. Awesome sight for sure

Looks like something we could do. We only have a 130 mi day that day and I didn't see anthing else along there that interested me. What do you guys think and who want to take the lead to it

As long as I get there in time that morning, I know the roads


We roll COD. ( That's crack of Dawn)

The hell you say. I need my shower, coffee, cigarette, and some time in the rest room before I leave my room!!

LOL We'll work it in.

I’ll b there between 8-9am. If you all leave before then, I have Vals cell#, so I’ll call, and stay on Interstate 81 till we catch up at another exit

Cool. I'm all excited to ride the Parkway, looking at the weather as it is now I sure hope it isnt all under water. LOL
Looking at the route I have set for the last day we will be on part of the moonshiner and then the dragon which are both fantastic rides. Guys just remember to let your cameras site see while you drive and stay to the fog line on the roads cause there is always some fool coming around the curve hugging if not over that center line

If the parkway floods. Expect to find some screwy old man loading animals into a very large boat.

That's one way to get Wayne to come. LOL

Posting my first day things to see and do as a pic

9ish sounds about right to start. Only roughly 150 m’s the first day unlike my 400 some miles before that coming from Knoxville to waynesboro on a strange bike

I wish you all had enough time to do Rt 33 the first day! It’s ranked in top 10 motorcycle roads in America on most sites! Harrisonburg over mountain to Franklin, WV. If get a chance, check out my vids on YouTube! Just search Strattlerock and they should come up

we Have ridden US 11 from Harrisonburg north to RT 7 into Winchester. You would like that one too.

so looking forward to riding the area.

Me.too. I've done the dragon and the roads around there but never farther north. This is one of my bucket list things

10 days

I should have waved goodbye to my family, sent them back to Aus ... and stayed on to join you guys. Oh well !!!

Yes you should have. But then your family might not have liked that much

Peter, Are you really meeting us? It'd be great to see you again!

Not this time Tee. I was in the US from 3-25 May ... now home.

I misread your message! LOL Well, I’m hoping to make an Australian trip, so hopefully can meet again then


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