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2019 CCC rally. Number 10.

2019 CCC rally. Number 10.

Yep. I’m ready to roll! Lol. Had to get the trailer out in prep for the rally. Thought I’d give the little one a run. Have owned it 40 years.


Own Photo: 


You could put this bike in the trailer and take it with you.

It won’t fit Steve.

Now your talkin!

Lol. Swap your Boulevard a bit of way.

What if I throw in the V Strom as well..........NOT!!!


I can just see that on the Wild Hogs ride loaded up.

very nice!

Raymond....I’m leaving for Hogs now.....I think I might be a little late.

Vardy, it’s original. Some bits of it are better than others. Looks ok from 5 metres.....

There’s only one on Bikesales ... 1971 Z50A ... reconditioned ... $6500

Be interesting to see what he actually gets for it. I’ve seen a couple go for $5k. Mine is original with patina. In the 40 years I’ve had it I’ve replaced the indicators with OEM when they died of old age. That’s it. 855.5 mikes on the ODO. Still has the ‘71 tyres. It’s in much better shape than one I saw at a c ar show recently. It had lots of bog in the tank and a lot of rusty bits.

As the saying goes, they are only original once ... and yours is !

There must have been hundred of these bikes that went to the scrap heap based on the way they used to get treated in the country fairs, absolutely flogged to death and I remember being one of them !

Dub, are you less hard on your current bikes?

whew !! At first glance I thought it was hooked up to the trailer.

Looks perfect !

....Just a lot older!

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