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2019 CCC Ride

2019 CCC Ride

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That,s a nice pic
Follow Randy's post titled blue ridge ride june 6-9 to see details of lodging

Well done! You guys are going to have a ball!
When we went in 2013 we stayed in the Two Wheel Inn @ Robbinsville NC.

Here is a video from the trip:
What a great time!

Start saving your dollars Steve so you can come back. I don’t think anyone would pay to get Wayne back. You might get more by saying you’ll keep him but then I would have to find some one new to work on the Rebel. I’m not that rich though

Dig it !!

Randy, be nice to Wayne. He works on your bike even when he's on vacation

Thanks Edwin.
Are you going to ride this one or follow us with a car and a bunch of extra parts for our bike should we need them? Oh and dont forget the beverages Smiley-laughing

Valerie. Yes he does and wasn’t even charging me but I paid him anyway. Nice to have someone do the job right

The scenery along the Blue Ridge Parkway is magnificent

Will definitely have my 3 cameras all recording so I can watch more fully when done riding

Marking my calendar now. Great choice!

Make sure your CCC ride is well documented with pics and videos and most of all enjoy and ride safe.

Val, I don't know if I'll make it. The Doc says 6 months til the swelling will be down and it's the it's the left leg so shifting is a bitch.

We road from home and Skyline drive in all in one day. For Bets this was a mistake. Doing the ride in a few days would be perfect. I think I can sell her on this one.

Great Capt. would love to meet you guys.
Edwin Have your lovely wife drive you in the car. Like I said you can be our reinforcements Smiley-laughing

Yes Capt. do several days. This is the reason why we are doing the east coast so you people don’t have to ride far. Although I’m still debating of riding or flying to Knoxville and just rent a bike

This where we hired our bikes:

Way to put it out there again Edwin. Hopefully the folks on the east side of the country can join us

Where ever it is I Wish I could be There with you guys to share it .... Ride Safe All ....

If you put yourself in a crate right after Christmas you should be here in time

In the Cargo Hold ? Hmmm Maybe - it has possibilities - I might have more leg room there ???
Cheers & Ride Safe ...

Frostbite, Start stuffing the piggybank. You can get an airline seat with less leg room the back seat of a sub compact.

Ain't that the truth. And you can get wedged in between some normal size people.cause the seats.are made for people that wear a size 2

airplane = can of sardines, getting closer all the time but even with that I'm going to fly to Knoxville and rent a Yamaha 1300 CC Star from GSM Torrent. They even come to the airport to pick on up, unlike the 2 other places. Even with the flight, bike rental, and the extra 3 days I'll spend there, it will be roughly $300 cheaper if I were to ride there. Will also save 10 days of ETO time to do another trip later.

Picked up at the airport ! Super. My thought was to have people land in Baltimore we pick them up and ride as one group. Knoxville is even better.

Count me in!! I was there in 2013 when the Aussies came!! Had a great time! I assume we'll be entering Parkway in/near Waynesboro,Va, and travel South to Cherokee, NC? If you start on Skyline Drive part of it that starts in Front Royal, Va, it is a fee to ride from Front Royal to Waynesboro! I usually hit it in Waynesboro/Harrisonburg, Va.

Randy, I am booked into the Quality Inn at 722 Brakebill Rd in Knoxville for the night of the 4th.
Tee we are getting on near Waynesboro. Since you have been on it you will be a great resource for things to see.

Great! I am less than 2 hrs from Waynesboro, Va. Can't wait to meet all of you. Any idea of how many will make the trip so far?

Not really. I know Allen and Julie, Wayne, Randy and you now
Possibles I think are Capt with his lovely wife and Top Gun. I am hoping for Edwin and the lovely Pat although I think if they come it will be in a car cause he slipped in dog shit and tore up his leg (Stupid Dog would be nailed to my fence) Smiley-laughing
That's all I can think of off the top of my head. It's still very early and some people cant be sure if they can get the time off.

Thanks Valerie, as I think I will fly into Knoxville on the 4th, stay at the LaQuinta Inn right next to the airport. Flight gets in semi-late. It is about 23 minutes to the GSM Torrent bike rental. I'll let them to know to pick me up there instead of the airport. Once I have the bike will head the 350 some miles up to Waynesboro area. I need to see how early I can get the bike on the 5th.

Keep me posted on your plans there Randy. Wayne, Allen and I will be ridding to Waynesboro the 5th. We can all go together

Need what hotel or hotels were staying in. though the ride. Planning ahead. Tee, see you there.

Capt look at my latest pic posting

When we stayed in the hotel @ Knoxville, there was a pub next door that had a massive bike night each week. It blew our mind, we have never seen anything like it.
I'll try and find the name of the hotel.

... and the cops were there to manage the traffic ... not check on how much alcohol had been consumed !!!

I think you and Mark stayed in the same motel. Do you remember the name of it?

Yes we did Steve ... and no, I don’t remember the name. Indeed, have a hard time remembering what I had for breakfast, let alone where I stayed 4 or 5 years ago LOL!!

Got it Val. Thanks !!!

****Were in***** See you in Waynesboro !!!!!


Bets piped up and said she's looking forward to the trip. I'm all smiles!

That's great. Will she be ridding her own bike

Yes, She has V Star Classic 650. Named "BAD ASS"

Bets says riding on the back is like being the second dog in a sled team.

LOL Now that's different

Can't wait to meet you and your wife Capt

Same here.

Sounds like a good time is starting to shape up. Tee said he is coming and maybe drag along a couple of older members in his area that used to be on the site.

I've talked to Danny (CrazzyDogg), from Georgia, and he isn't sure yet, but will most likely meet somewhere along the ride. I'm pretty sure Richard will ride at least a day orso. Hell, he lives in New Market, Va.. Probably less than 30 mins from Waynsboro! My lady and I will be there for sure, barring anything unexpected.

That's great I look forward to meeting you. Hope the others make it also.

All The rooms are reserved. See every one in June !!


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