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.45 shell plug AIS

.45 shell plug AIS

Soon after I bought my bike I used some vacuum hose and a bolt on the end to plug my AIS elbow.  Finally I got around to eliminating the elbow all together by have my brother send me some used .45 shells. It was weird, they slid right in and were loose. I put some thread lock on em because they were so loose.  I decided to use black tape to thicken the shells but by the time I got the tape they were tight and couldn't budge em.  I know the thread lock was still wet.  What happened that they got temperature difference between bike and shells.  Mystery to me.


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Did you stroke them a bit Drew? Or did you use "blue" tape? Lol

Glad they were used shells ... LOL!!

Ya-Magic-ha? The V star has shined upon you.

That's pretty cool. Do you know what some people would pay to have cartridges on their bike. I think I even have seen some aftermarket stuff made to look like shells

Were they .45 autos or .45 colts? There is a difference in diameter and length. Not interchangeable when using in the Taurus Judge pistol. Not that it would make any difference in answering your question.
This might explain what happens: Even though no thread, probably still enough non visible imperfections in the surface of the shell that allows the bonding to take place.

According to the article that suggested .45 shells as AIS plugs said nothing about thread lock was needed, so I think they would of tightened up without it...but why? There must be something about the properties of the sleeve material.

V-Star 1100 Wiki Knowledge Base says:"Spent .45 ACP shell casings are the preferred "plug" to use in the heads. Just tap them in gently. No glue or sealant is needed. The solid plugs available from different vendors will also work, but you have to be careful that you don't crack the head installing them. If you can find the shell casings, they are cheaper, safer and easier to install."
There is a slight difference in size of older .45 colt and the .45acp . There are also the .45 gap and the .45 long colt. When I was a kid (yes, I really was) I used to sit and resize 45's. My friends Dad started a gun shop in his basement and got a reloading contract with a Air Force Base. Me and the three brothers had a little assembly line set up. Didn't get much money but, their Dad taught us how to shoot.

.45 Caliber is the barrel size so that shouldn't be different from one to another, only length.

You are correct Drew. My Taurus Judge pistol requires the .45Colt, the .45acp are too short. Other option with that is using a 2 3/4 inch .410 shell. Of course that shell would not work at all in the bike.

So, what y'all are saying is that size DOES matter !!

Just when I had gotten over it all you have to bring it back Peter. Just glad my wife doesn't think that way.

Count your blessings Randy!

There's always Viagra and a magnifying glass if he becomes an issue for you.


Lol. Trust you guys to drag the post down.

Al, we are not talking posts, we are talking about shells. Peter threw in the ringer. I misinterpreted it. Then he misinterpreted my comment and so forth. Now to get back on track, I do use a post to put targets on to shoot at with my .45 Colt using Taurus Judge. That gets back to the original.
-- Drew was it a .45 acp, .45colt, or a .45 long colt you used?

now if you would have used a live round, when you warmed up the engine that baby woulda "POPED" right out!

I was going to use a prime shell, with the cap un-popped, but the post office said it's illegal to mail em that way. I am checking with my buddy to tell what kind of shell it is.

Starline brand, 45 acp

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