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5th Anniversary

5th Anniversary

Today 5 years ago I returned to riding . In that time I've covered just over 95,000km. 62 of those on the Vulcan.

I've got to say its been the best thing I've done. I just can't get enough of riding. I pretty much ride to work evey day now .I guess Not bad for someone who was only ever going to just ride on weekends.

And here I am again heading off tomorrow for a weekend ride of about a 1000km.

I'm proud of what I've achevied given my families history with motorbikes and its something I never ever thought I'd want to do little alone fall in love with sport.

Also all the friends I've made on here and just what motorcycling brings to my life every day is a an absolute blessing and something I hope I will be doing until I'm 90...

Just wanted to share it with you all.

Dave Spratty


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Well done Spratty ... all strength to you. I know exactly what you are talking about !!

You're HOOKED Smiley-laughing Ride Safe ...

Ride on I say

Well done Spratty... I think I could write about the same story about myself, so I realy understand what you mean! Ride safe and I wish you can continue riding till 90 as you say!!!

Congrats Dave. Glad you got back to riding

Congrats Dave. Ride safe and for many more years.

Thats awesome Spratty your definitely living the dream.
Cheers to another 95000

Wow Spratty, I'd say you're hooked, infected, and I can see that's the best thing that's happened to you. Congrats on all you've achieved. I thought I was doing well getting to 95,000km on my little Star over 12 years but I am that 'weekend' recreational rider choosing not to commute to work by bike. Kudos to you for making it your main every day transport! Sounds like you're living the dream.

Why stop at 90? Ride till you no longer can and enjoy the addiction

the miles on the Rebel are piling up. Something about that almost every day riding seems to be the problem. Rode to work this am, a bit nippy at 35 F (2 C).

...and all done in style well done!

Thanks all, have just arrived at Nambucca heads for an overnighter.

Ride on and keep on going. Your having a great time Keep it up.

Well done Dave. Maybe I'll clock a few more now the stable is dwindling.

Hey Al the break down is roughly 6000km on the Vstar, 62000km on the Vulcan and 29000km on the Tiger.

If you love riding it doesn't take all that long to rack up 100,000k - I put that much on my old 750/4 in 2&1/2 years, mind you I was running up to 1,500k some weekends - I just loved riding and exploring the back roads around South East Queensland in the early 70's - I wanted to go down every road I seen just to see where it went to.

I didn't worry about dirt roads either - there was some spectacular country out in the boonies ...
I done a lot of weekend runs with a 2 man tent and a sleeping bag strapped on the bike - I loved camping out, and living the simple life and enjoying every minute of it ... I must have done millions of kilometers over the years ...

All mostly enjoyed - even the rain sometimes .... Great memories....
Cheers - Enjoy the bikes and the LifeStyle ...
Ride Safe ...

Well done mate! Hope you get many more!

Well done Spratty. You are riding to live and you live to ride.

I know how you feel Dave. Took it up late in life and enjoy every moment. And what makes it even better when you have a group of friends that you can share that with on weekends or weekday. Take care, ride safe. Does Rosie and the kids ever get to see you anymore. LOL.

Who are they!! LOL

Priorities hey Dave. LOL

Fact is Ray Rosie and I work together and have done so for the last 12yrs. So a little time apart is a good thing...right!

I understand now. Quite time.

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