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9th Annual Wild Hogs Ride

9th Annual Wild Hogs Ride

I added these details to the Events section but I'm not sure if it's still available.

Preliminary planning is underway for our 9th Annual Wild Hogs.

1.  Date 25th - 30th of November.
2.  Accomodation - This year we will be booking Cabins as well as Camp Sites.
Payments for accomodation will remain the same.
All those tenting will split site costs,
All those cabining will split cabin costs,

Cliffy will be doing his recon as usual at the end of September, so he will need to know,
Who will be going,
Who will be tenting,
Who will be cabining,
By September 18th.

This is for booking of sites and payment of deposits. Therefor anyone who pulls out may still be liable for accomodation costs if changes can't be
If you have any questions please contact Cliffy or myself.

Overnight stays so far are,
Day 1  Tumut
Day 2  Allans Flat
Day 3  Omeo
Day 4  Lakes Entrance
Day 5  Canberra
Day 6  Home

Stay tuned for route presentation coming soon.




I'm In......

Me too

Wish I could be in, maybe next year.

Me, Frank and Nick are in, all camping. (1 is glamping)

Nup. My record of non attendance will remain 100%. Would love to but with commitmnts at other times of the year...Ministry of know...

Will wait to see the timetable and slot in for part of the way if I can

I reckon I will be able to meet up with you in Lakes Entrance and ride back with the group to Canberra

I'd like to be part of it too - Only doing Day rides - Depending on the Route taken I think I will be able to catch up with you guys, Say G'Day - and ride along for part of the way Down and Back - Especially if you are heading through OR around the Cooma/Snowy Mountains areas .... Anyway no doubt there will be more info about the event in coming months - weeks - etc .... It would be good to catch up with you guys if possible .....
Cheers & Ride Safe .....

All welcome! If you are staying overnight, Cliffy needs to know so he can book accommodation.

Looks like a great plan and a good time too. Have a blast.

I'm in .

Hi guys, click on "I am going" in the Events section for Wild Hogs.

Look forward to meeting you Greg.

Wish you all a great Hogs ride! Don’t make it too wild!!!! Smiley-laughing

We might be a bit old for that Gert.
Well maybe. Smiley-wink's Mild Hogs?

Not when Trailor is there. Smiley-wink

Proposed route is in Events.

Got it! Cant wait!

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