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A couple of VTX1800s in the shade

A couple of VTX1800s in the shade

A buddy of mine, Frank and I rode up to the Mid North Coast for an overnighter to visit a recovering mate.
This was on the way back at Bulga. 42 degrees Celcius (108F).
We downed an ice cold beer and we were on our way back home.


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Nice ride in teh warm weather. Beers all around..

It was stinking hot Wayne! About 360klms each way (6hrs) through the twisties, drinking ice cold esky water to keep hydrated. We discovered some great riding roads though.

That's so hot you don't even cool off riding at 110kph.

bikes looking good. Smiley-laughing

Nice shot of the VTX's Steve. The weather here was twenty degrees above normal today and I got my first ride for 2019 this afternoon.

Stay packed and you'll be ready for WH10 Steve. Nice you found a little shade for that beer.

It’s really tough riding in that heat, especially if you wear the gear! Glad you made it back safely.

Great pic Steve.
I thought about a ride yesterday but as that temp went up fast, I gave it a miss. I remember on one of our WH's trip when temps were up in the 40's. Not good.
Glad you found some shade and a cold beer.

And Only 41°c in the shade too I bet, that's awfully hot temps to be riding in, good to see your were staying hydrated.

Hoowee...that's some good heat to be riding in!

Staying hydrated and stopping every couple of hours for a stretch is best way to deal with those sorts of temps ... but still uncomfortable.

Steve : high humidity as well?

We learned the hard way. One saddle bag s loaded with water bottles.

Yes Pete.
We always carry water as well. The eski water had ice.

42*C and a COLD BEER - Ooooh !!! - That could be a difficult decision to cope with ... It almost begs for some cold beers, an afternoon siesta and a Cooler Night ride home ...
Cheers Steve - Ride Safe ...

is that a super charger carb? very nice bikes

Hypercharger I think ....
Ride Safe ...

Yes Kieth, Hypercharger over the fuel injection. Both of these VTX1800Cs and another at home have them.

Just one for little old me too I bet.. I can just see me SMOKIN thoses tires for you. HE HE

Hi Wayne, Did I mention the bond payment upfront? Smiley-laughing

Should I brings US cash or Aussy cash..

The way the Aussie dollar is going, bring a US$1,000 and you will become an instant Aussie millionaire

Yep, best time to visit is now.

nice...mine goes fast enough without

OK I got my stash ready for down under..

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