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Aerial America

Aerial America

If you're bored in America, it's your fault.
I was watching Aerial America this morning. It's is one of my favorite shows. This photo is from the Colorado episode.
I have walked across this bridge and been to the canyon floor. You can look straight down between the wooden planks as you walk.
Browse thought the photos. The show is on the Smithsonian Channel.
In the words of Yakov Smirnoff "What a Country!"



I remember a bus trip to Whispering Winds in CO. To go up the narrow switchback the bus driver had to do a three point turn. The back of the bus was over the edge and it was a mile down. Walking that bridge had got to be less harrowing.

I hate heights ... but I would give it a go

Capt, that's normal driving in Colorado. If you ain't got dents on the sides of your pickup, you must be a tourist.

That's OK. This east coast kid isn't used to such things.

Some guy bungee jumped off it.

He had to be out of his mind.

Cool looking bridge.

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