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Fairing installed. Just have to get the stereo now.. I think it looks pretty good.


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It does look good, better than the screen.

A BIG change and for the better. Have you tried it out yet?

Well Larry. I'm partial to the windshield. But it does look good

It does look sharp; I haven't seen a Nomad with a batwing. I'd love to see more angles (side view) of it!

Looks very integrated ... not like an add-on.

Batman 1600 Vulcan Street Glide. Have to admit it looks better now.

That really sets it off. Looks Great. That will be nice riding down to Yellowstone..

Looks good Larry. How does the lower screen feel? Just about to put a new screen on the 1800 Oldwing (tomorrow) Should be the same height as the existing one but a bit easier to look through.

I'm with you Allen, tend to be old school and prefer the old windscreens, although the fairings probably add more comfort and sounds to the ride.

Smoking hot
Now if you want to do the full bagger conversion.
There is guy who makes hard lowers for your highway bars and blue tooth speakers.
Johns his name & his really down to earth

I haven't gone out for a ride yet as the weather has gone south for the next few days. I will let you know.

Looks great, Larry!

Thanks for the comments folks.

Looks great. Looks better than before for me anyway

Sure does Pross.

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