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The airhorn works, but... did I install it right?

The airhorn works, but... did I install it right?

I just installed my airhorn. It is the same one I had on my Royal Star. I just removed the origianal and plugged the airhorn in without a extra relais. The airhorn works but... do I need to install a relais or is it good enough the way I did? Just a question, maybe one of you know what I can do the best... 


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I would use a relay Gert.
Here's a guide I found that may help.

Grrr, you did it yourself!!! Your get better )

Nice. I'd use a relay though. Otherwise it may burn out your stock horn button.

I've always found the yelling. MOVE works well for me

Gert, use a relay. A relay uses a small electric current to open and close a higher current circuit. It provides safety by isolating the user from a high current source and extends the life of components.

Oke, Thanks all for your comments, I will go to Ap’s bikershop and buy a little relay. Not much extra work or costs and as you all say it’s better to do it, so I will!

Yes Val!!! Some improvements isn’t it? Doing more and more by myself!

That looks really sharp...i like the chrome and that it's compact as well! I agree with using a relay
...what brand ?

Gert, your air horn will be louder with a relay.

Looks great. Like top gun said it will be LOUDER if you install a relay.

Only louder, or do I need one because its better, safer for the bike?

It will be safer for the electrical system. Less wattage going through your switches and stock relays. The extra relay will provide an extra safety for your charging system and keep from overloading the stock horn switch. The reason the horn will be louder is you will get more voltage to it. Rather than having all the voltage trying to get through your stock horn switch. It will all run through the relay. The wire from your horn switch will operate the relay and provide the voltage to your NEW CHROME LOUD HORN. Every one will hear you..

Thanks Wayne!

Have a good week my friend.. How is Marek and do the fires bother him. I see on the news all the fires over there.

Yes Wayne... lots of fires in Sweden at the moment. I had a chat with him today om Skype and he told me the fires are not in the direct surroundings he lives. However there are more as 70 fires at the moment and the Swedish have help from other countries because they don’t have any waterairplanes or helicopters by them selves. I can tell you even here in Holland, and we are really all surounded by water it is realy dry and hot at the moment and already for several weeks and they say it will continue for at least two more weeks. We are not allowed to sprinkle the garden between 07:00 and 22:00, or for example wash our car at home! We have lots of brown fields instead of what we are used to... GREEN! Farmers do their cows inside because there isn’t any grass left to eat on the fields. I’m 50 and to be honest, I have never had a summer like this. Next few days it wil be 35 degrees in the shade!!! In my little garden it was 46 degrees in the sun today!!! I don’t complain, for me personally, I’m happy with this weather, i can handle this till next Christmas, but for farmers, older people and people who are not healthy they told on the news they should stay inside because its about to be dangerous... never had this in Holland as long as I can remember. In Sweden the fires are more north east as Marek lives. Marek lives in the south west part of Sweden. At this moment we have this kind of weather in most part of Europe . Today big fires in Greece. People had to run in the sea and leave their homes only to safe their lives and over 70 people died today in Greece because of fires... the northern ice is melting, the sea is a few censtimeters higher as a te years ago. It becomes more and more hot and dry and more and more heavy thunderstorms during some moments in the year and still... people say there is no change in nature...

Lets hope Marek will be safe, I think so.... no big forest within a few km’s from his home, only some bushes between his house and the beach with the sea between Sweden and Denmark. Going more in the ccountry it is a few km’s to real forests and I can tell you they are dry! Very dry! All around Marek’s little village os farmerland, also dry, dry, dry... same as here in Holland... But I’m sure Marek knows how to keep himself wet, inside and outside when needed!!!

This weekend he did some great rides with Dana he told me... He is doing fine!

Wow Gert. That's a lot of heat. Going to cost the farms more to keep the animals so you food cost will go up too.

My son tells me it hit 112F at home today

That is good Marek is fine. But sad to hear about the farmers. It was only 99F here today. That is normal for here.

Yeah I put a relay in mine & it allows you to lean on the horn button longer without blowing any thing & the idea is to have them as far forward as possible so the Cretin car drivers can hear them LOL

Thoses things are LOUD.. I installed a set on a friends bike WOW .. Relay is a great idea.

I installed a relay and it works a lot better now Wayne! Thanks for advise!

Relays save your electrical system form any damage. Relays should be used when ever an excessory is installed. That chrome looks very nice. Have a great weekend..

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