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Alexandra - Labour Day long weekend 2018

Alexandra - Labour Day long weekend 2018

4 weeks to go until the Labour Day long weekend bike run to Alexandra VIC (see "Events" tab for more info).Adam and I were lucky enough to get up to Alexandra last weekend for a recce-run, and have picked out some of the rides we'll invite you all along to. Of course everything is optional, and I'm sure we'll end up with a few groups doing different activities. It's actually one of the things I've always loved about our CC get togethers, there's a general plan, but everyone has free will to do what they want!

Saturday we're planning a ride out to Marysville, heading the back way out Alexandra through Acheron over the small historic bridge, through Taggerty. We've booked in for a pub lunch at The Duck Inn Marysville. Meal prices range from $16.50 - $25 approx. For those who prefer a cheaper/simpler option, there is a bakery in Marysville, and other food choices for those who want to forage for their own.

From Marysville we can visit Steavenson Falls a short distance away (4km). For those who want to venture a bit further you can ride up to Lake Mountain (20km), or if you want a bigger ride, you can head out the other end of Marysville and take a ride over the Black Spur to Healesville (35km one way), or even down the Reefton Spur (100km round trip, as I said if you wanted a bigger ride!)

Sunday we'll take you out to Eildon weir, nice roads and pretty views. There's a winding leisurely ride along Skyline Road for those who want to take a most picturesque ride back to Alexandra, with amazing views through Eildon National Park, overlooking Lake Eildon. Or those who don't want to take the extra winding roads back, can ride directly back to Alexandra. Or even stop in at Jamieson Brewery (now taken over and re-named Wrong Side Brewing) which is in this area. As well as a spot for a drink & chat, I spoke with them and they said if you asked for a tour of their brewery they'd be glad to show you around!

There are lots of lovely loop rides in the area, for example Whanregarwen Road which I only got to experience by car last weekend, as we were chauffeured in Adam's uncles cool '65 Mustang (left hand drive). I'm looking forward to riding those sweeping country roads on Labour Day weekend.

I'm sure most of you will experience beautiful scenery and rides just arriving to Alexandra on the Friday (or Saturday for some), because it's smack bang in the middle of a very beautiful part of Victoria.

If you haven't booked your place and want to come along, please contact the motel, I'm told they still have a couple of rooms available if we get in soon! The motel has rooms lined up in an L shape with car park outside our room entry doors, and on the other side (inside the L) is a beautiful landscaped fenced in courtyard fully equipped with gardens, BBQ area (with cover) and a pool! So we have a little oasis to hang out in once we're back at the motel each day.

What you need to know:

2018 Dates: Friday 9, Sat 10, Sun 11 March (3 nights).

Motel: Alexandra Motel & Motor Inn, 76 Downey St, Alexandra VIC 3714. Website:

Book: To book, please call: (03) 5772 2077. Our hosts are Brad & Rosemary.

When booking please tell them you're booking as part of the motorcycle group for the Labour Day long weekend (or tell them Adam and Dim sent you!)

Any queries please let us know. You can message or email me. We're looking forward to seeing some of you in a few weeks!

Dim & Adam


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Hmmmmm....I suppose we could go.....

Locked and loaded ... see you there !

Great stuff, see you both there lol

Both? What about Vardy? Lol. Coz and I are ready....almost.

There'll be a few more than both of you!! haha

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