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Allen and Julie patch

Allen and Julie patch

Got home Friday and this awesome surprise was in my letter box . Very nice looking patch guy's , I guess I need to do some sewing............again ! LOL .
Thanks Allen and Julie . 


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It only costs you a smile and some nice words to get that sewn on your vest Nobby! I know your wife does that job for you!!! LOL

Well done Allen & Julie.

Hey Gert , your wrong mate . Deb wont touch it any more because after she sewed them all on last time I pulled them all off . Not very happy with me , I explained I had to re do all of them to fit all the new ones on . Deb still wasn't very happy and won't touch them again .
I've since sewed them all back on except two . After Allen and Julie's patch and the GOR and going to Phillip Island I have 3 more , that makes 5 to be sewed on .

OMG!!! So now you have the same situation I have here... We have to do the hard work ourselves!!! LOL

Yep !!!!!!!!! LOL .

Your welcome Mike. Glad you got it. I remember you saying that before Mike

Or you just hire someone to sew them on.

A bouquet of roses, a bottle of nice wine and a great dinner might help Mike!!! LOL.

I doubt it Bill

That won't do it either Bill , its all up to me or I find someone and pay ....... LOL .

Dang!! You really did it this time then Mike!! LOL.

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