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Almost as good as new

Almost as good as new

Not the best bodywork/paint job in the world, but it'll do until I can have it done by a pro.




Get a round dolly and take light taps and it should work out with out any paint chipping. I have done several that way. NO big Hammers little ones with a lot of tapping. The iron will move.just a small amount at a time.

Looks good enough to me!

Good effort

Thanks! I'm a bit out of practice when it comes to body work - haven't had to do any for a couple of decades. I just wanted the tail-light/turn signal housing to fit flush with the fender again, and not be prone to water damage due to it not being sealed all the way around. I accomplished that, and the bulk of the damage is hidden behind the turn signals and tail light anyway. The paint was compromised where the points on the backs of the turn signals impacted the fender. Those two points were down to bare metal, and both of those spots peeled back a bit, paint wise, when straightened back out, so I had to touch it up with the primer/color/clear coat.

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