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Annual CCC Ararat Weekend

I did not take many photos, here is what I did take. A special Thanks goes out to Phil Cole for organising things. I think I added all those I could find, if I have missed your name, sorry, jsut let me know and I will edit my list.


Own Photo: 




Great photos Norman. Must've been a lot of fun.

Great photos. It looks like a great a great time.

Good shots. I like the Amphitheatre pub too!!

who road the little scooter I hope it wasn't a long ride on that. Smiley-wink

Looks as if you all had a great ride. Thanks for reminding me what Summer looks like.

What a great looking place, the bar and lounge area have a really nice atmosphere to it, the weather looked like it was superb, shame it's so far away or make it a week long one next time.

Thanks for sharing those photos Norman... I don´t need to repeat that you had great time - you all already know you had....

P.S. I love the angle of your wifes little pinkie while taking a drink!!!!

Thanks guys. Wish we had taken more photos.

Thanks for posting this pics Norman, gives us Northeners a little idea what you guys all are doing during this period of year!

Nice line up of bikes, they are looking good specially the IBOSA!! Smiley-wink

sorry about this stupid question but what is ARARAT?

Not a stupid question at all as we do not know all places in the USA either. Ararat is a country town in Victoria Australia, see: .

For more information check out:,_Victoria &

It has become an annual long weekend trip and get together for many of the CCC members in the south east part of Australia. This year we had people from the ACT, South Australia and all over Victoria attend. This would be like people going to Jacksonville Florida from as far afield as Pensicola and Chatanooga TN

Check this out Don.
Great photos Norman. Nice bikes, good company and great weather. Has to be a good weekend.

Cool scooter! Was that the starter motor for the F6Bs?

Nice shots!

Great pic's thx for sharing

The scooter was there when we turned up at the Golf Club for dinner. We all thought it was funny parking around it. The contrast was sognificant.

It sure is Norman! Gives something special to the pic you made! Smiley-laughing

Great pics Norm, and a great weekend.... I'll get some of my pics on PC and post them too Smiley-laughing

That would be great Dim!

Oh I see.
Thanks for clearing that up.
I started riding again a couple of years ago after a 30 year break... what a waste!
I should have been riding the whole time... long story
anyway, I haven't found any group around here that do much riding. I think that they are scared of my Honda LOL


I am sure there must be some Oklahoma members around to ride with, just put out the call.

I work with several that ride but none that ride as much as I do. They are always too busy to go riding for a day.
Except for 1, and he and the folks that he generally rides with "bar hop" and do quite a bit of drinking on their rides.
That is the reason that I didn't ride for so many years. Got drunk and screwed up my knee. Not going to go there.
I enjoy getting drunker than Cooter Brown, but I do that after I park the bike.

Don, I can enjoy having a beer, a nice glass of whine or even more heavy stuff sometimes, but drunk, realy drunk..... that's many years ago and I don't feel and have the need to drink that much anymore..... Glad you don't drink at a stop during a ride.... I think that's one of the most things to do and we all know what can happen.....

I have to say, most of my rides I also make by my own. During summer I go with my brother who lives in the same village and also has a bike. Last year I met Anton (Volusia800) two three times and we made some rides together. I hope we do the same next season!

It's what you say..... It's nice to ride with some people, although I can really enjoy my rides by my own! Just my bike, the wind, the views, my own thoughts, stops when I want and go where I want to go....... Can't wait till the season starts again!

I hope you find some guys in your neighborhood who whant to join you....... Maybe there are some on the site living in the same surroundings you do?

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