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Another Early Sunday Ride

Another Early Sunday Ride

An early morning ride to The Pines at Bilpin with Albert and Coz, Steve and Matt.
Nice and cool before the heat of the day caught up.
I took the Boulevard for a test ride after replacing the rear tyre. I also removed my Cobra pipes and fuel controller and put my original pipes back on.
I did an exhaust mod just to give it a bit of sound and it worked out well.
The reason for the change? After the last two wild hogs rides, I got sick of the loud exhaust noise and so did some of the other hogs. I even changed baffles and modified a baffle but it was still too noisy. Especially under load and at higher speeds. The main cause is the high revs of the bike. It could do with a sixth gear. But that is another project I'm looking at.



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Nice gathering of CC members Tezza!.
How was the fuel consumption with the oem pipes I know you had issues with the Cobra pipes?

I hear ya Terry ... or I would if i wasn’t going deaf from the loudness of my pipes !! These days I don’t even do short urban rides without earplugs !

Nice collection of bikes !

Glad you all got to meet up and ride. Always good to ride with friends. Bikes look good

That is why I like my Bird, It is relatively quite, as Frostbite put it when hearing it in the recent video, he said it sounded wheezy. It may sound that way, but it does not act wheezy when hitting the throttle.

Nice collection of bikes.

It was awesome to catch up with some of my country cousins again.
BTW Tezza your bike was very pleasing to the ear.

It was a nice ride.
What about mine Matt? Is it pleasing to the ear?

Nice line up. Yep ear plugs when ever I ride. I don't know how some can ride without them

What's that Steve? Lol
Your bike sounds like a roaring beast from beneath the earths crust

Sorry I missed the ride other commitments. Looks like you guys had a great time and the weather was perfect. Nice to see Al let Coz out every now and then. Did you give her the day of work Al.

Sure looks nice. I just wish I could get out for a nice ride. It was 25 F this morning and 19 F tomorrow and maybe snow. Good you guys get to ride in nice warm temps. Good looking row of bikes. Last week it was 50-60 F I did get a short ride then. Have a good week all

Raymond it was her week off last week. I still,have some triathlon commmitments that sometimes stop me from ridin* with you guys.

Nice to see she gets time of,she is a hard worker. Catch up soon.

Dub, I'm keeping an eye on the consumption. A full tank on our Sunday ride and I'll take her on a couple of longer rides to see the difference.

Thanks Peter. I tried ear plugs but found them uncomfortable.

Thanks Matt. I was hoping you would comment as you were behind me for most of the ride.

Thanks for the comments guys.

Love these group shots!

Good looking line up!

I agree Hildr.

Nice line up, looks like a fun time. I may get to ride on Thursday after being idled since November.

Hey Topgun, hopefully it has just been lousy weather versus other issues.

Good luck Topgun the forecast is 3 in of snow tonight. That sucks.

I hope you get your ride inTG.

Didn’t enjoy the 40ish C I was out in on the Valk today.

I enjoyed my ride home today too

My downtime has been purely weather related. On those rare good days to ride I have had other priorities like this past Thursday when we had a record high temperature of 80 degrees F. There was however the threat of rain. My wife told me to at least take a ride around the block but a short ride like that would be even worse than not riding at all after such a long hiatus. Smiley-laughing We had an inch of snow this morning that had all melted by afternoon. Monday the high is expected to reach 72 F, maybe then will be my opportunity.

80° one week and snowing the next ... what’s the world coming to !!??

We have a 50 to 80 percent chance of rain for the 10 days. Gonna be warm enough to ride, but very wet

This winter has been driving me nuts. Some really cold days but wet. The bikes are kept behind the house and the yard is like a wet sponge. 800+lbs bike and mud is a bad match.

We need rain more than anything here.

Tezza, wish I could send you ours

Don't have mud here but we did get a skiff of snow tonight. Glad I didn't ride the Rebel to work. It was 41 degrees, but freezing coming home.

The yard has standing water in it. Having a high water table is a disadvantage of living near the water. If I could ship all the rain we got to those who need it I would do it.

Freezing you could find ice hiding in the darkness. And that Rebel would be a little stubborn about starting. Good choice.

Guess what! I now remember what rain looks like. We had some last night.

If it was wet it was

Or a flock of birds flew over and peed on you. Our wet in the next several days is talking the potential white stuff on the valley floor. Not much, but maybe enough to cause a fender bender or two. The Rebel says don't you even think about taking me out and I don't want to fight a Rebel.

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